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located in Racing Grounds, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Racing Grounds

On the border of the grounds.


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Image Lucelle turned around and nodded to one of the VPV shinigami's that was accompaning her there: "You may leave. I will go with this big overprotective little bastard here," she gave the command and sighed, "fine, you win. It isn't safe out here, anyhow. But I warn you, some rather nasty stuff is going on with Hikari... and she is in grave danger."

Last sentence was whispered in a tone so only these two would understand, she wasn't going to push Ichiro away no more, as it would end up her being punished. Lucelle was in her mind, talking shit at Takeshi, who seemingly chose to ignore her after small banter.

"Let's go. I'll be right behind you," Lucelle patted Ichiro' arm and walked around him, taking a seat in her bright yellow Mustang, letting the window down, "c'mon, move."