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located in Racing Grounds, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Racing Grounds

On the border of the grounds.


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The feeling didn't go away, even as they drove further away from the racing grounds. And then, in an instant, both of their feelings were proven to be valid. Ichiro slammed on the breaks as soon as he saw the truck, and came to a screeching halt as it slammed into Hikari's car, sending it flying. He half-breed was out of his own vehicle and running towards his sister as quickly as he could.

"HIKARI!!!" he screamed, climbing over rubble and car parts to get to her mangled sports car.

He shoved aside a few small blocks of concrete until he got to the drivers side of her car. She was badly hurt. Ichiro wasted no time in checking her vital signs.

"Hikari... Lucelle... Come on, sweetheart..." If he got no response, his next move would be to pull her from the car. They were exposed and in danger here.