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located in White Chapel, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

White Chapel

The Chapel of Chaos


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ImageHe did his best to focus on healing the creature, though the strong handsome man pressed against him really didn't help at all. Finally, when they had finished, Hiro was able to relax. He looked down at the bakeneko in awe, tilting his head slightly.

"I did that?" he whispered softly, not really expecting an answer as he knew it was a stupid question.

Smiling sweetly, he turned to face Luscious with the intention of thanking him, but before he could even marvel in how close they were, he suddenly felt faint. Hiro's knees buckled and with a soft cry he instinctively grabbed onto the front of the priest's shirt to try to keep himself from falling.