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located in White Chapel, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

White Chapel

The Chapel of Chaos


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Image "Actually, you did. I just helped you a little bit, little one," he spoke in his usual tone, but then the smile given to him made him feel a shift in his soul, but he grabbed Hiromasa, who suddenly fell, tangled into his robes and the sudden morion made him fall on his knees and then on top of his student.

What Luscious suddenly understood was that... he had a raging... well... and it was pressed between them two, not making things any easier. There was something so familiar about this silver-haired dhampir that.... he was just staring at him, and when some sudden emotion took him over, Luscious' lips were nearly locked with Hiro's, if the sudden burst of chaotic energy didn't interrupt... or maybe save him from this embarassement. He knew he was going to deny the boner, if Hiro ever asked about it.
Image ...only to find Hiromasa in Luscious embrace. A small smile appeared on her lips only briefly, but she rushed into the chapel with worry and anger coming from her strongly. "Quickly! Hikari and Ichiro are under attack and we need...," she paused as she reached to these two, understanding that Hiro was too weak to heal anyone, "...a healer."

Oh how embarrassed Luscious was at that moment, and he was kind of scared to stand up or sit up or... he didn't know what to do. Hiromasa was out... Luci was having... evident issue and... it was really hard at that moment, but Kochou had an idea.

"Both of you, come with me. It is an order. Carry Hiromasa-san with you. Right now," Kochou had understood by the energy around her old friend what was going on, and signaling Luci through their connection that she knows a solution, that she won't make fun of him... at that time at least.

Luscious was able to get up and take Hiromasa into his arms, not daring to look into the boy' eyes, and thus followed Kochou into Ichiro' apartment, his manly item poking into Hiro's side.