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located in White Chapel, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

White Chapel

The Chapel of Chaos


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ImageIt all happened so fast, and before Hiromasa knew it he was on his back with Luscious above him, staring at him with those dark, piercing eyes. He was still clinging to the priest tightly, but found himself lightheaded now for a different reason.

And then he felt it. Luscious... He was... turned on.

Hiromasa's cheeks turned red with a dark blush. He parted his lips as if to speak, but could not find any words. He trembled beneath Luscious, feeling that this was all wrong but so many levels of right, somehow. It felt... perfect.

As he saw Luscious shift, he closed his eyes in anticipation of a kiss, but they were interrupted before it came.

"K-Kochou-sama..." he murmured, voice weak and shaking.

Not having the energy to say or do much more, Hiromasa melted in Luscious' arms as he was carried away from the church. Exhausted, he rested his head on the priest's shoulder and closed his eyes.