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located in Racing Grounds, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Racing Grounds

On the border of the grounds.


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Image She didn't know what was going on, but in the chaotic place where Lucelle had placed Hikari in, they were both there. Luce was injured even in her demonic form, growling and angry. That damn truck had some sort of magical spell seal on it, making her unable to come forth. Thus both of them were locked inside of that limp body. Only Takeshi could help... and Kochou... and perhaps Luscious. It was complicated situation and it made Luce shiver in fear. A demonic being afraid of what was about to come. Why did it all feel so familiar, though...

Image Andrew was fighting them back, when suddenly a dart flew past her and he smirked. "So, you are able to make me bleed, mh?" He didn't let the cut heal, not just yet... or more like he couldn't. Appearance of Takeshi made him a little bit more ease, but this whole ordeal wasn't over as of yet.

He got back into full blown attack, when Takeshi went to help Ichiro and when he heard the command, he called back: "COMING!" Following his Masters and Mistress in the portal, he was able to cut off an arm with a specific ring on it as it closed and take it with them, splattering blood all over him.