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located in Descendant Tower, a part of Descendant Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

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xxxxxxxU L R I C HxxZ O D
xxxxxxxxxxparentage: Dru-Zod
xxxxxxxxxxoutfit: Gala
xxxxxxxxxxhex: #4c0000


A large man appeared by Ulrich and he thought he saw flashes of light dart between his blades. "Somehow I doub't very much they can handle both of us.. Shall we test them?" Ulrich smirked a little. Something told him the man beside him would move more at his pace. Before he could blink, a bolt shot forward and disposed of a guard, taking a few others for the ride but the guards just kept coming. Ulrich would manage to grapple a few and wrestle to incapacitate them much to his dismay - though relatively easy still it should have been a snap of his fingers effort wise and not his size overpowering the soldiers. Ulrich burned through others with his vision and he thought he heard some extra commotion behind him but he had to focus forward, especially when his heat vision cut off. Ulrich blinked a couple of times.

Wren wedged herself between himself and the blonde and the ground they were holding. "We don’t have time for this. We need to go!!"
Wasn't Wren the one promising a blood bath, now she was in a rush to get out.
"How far until we're out of here?" Another voice emerged.
Ulrich growled and threw a final fist into the building, making the wall finally crumble. "Go then!" And he grabbed the one with the greatest most annoying and costly antics being Wren and threw her out. "Anybody else wanna find another way out?"
He felt his respect meter, if such a thing existed, plummet, but essentially Wren would survive and she was out of sight and wouldn't have another dumb idea like "save all the laboratory animals". The alarms already irked him, being weak irked him and on top of that add a red head barking at him. Ulrich had to draw the line.

Ulrich waited by his improvised exit until all the descendants filed out. The landings weren't his issue, instead leaving that to the likes of others - whoever so possessed the ability to cushion some impact and cared enough about other metas. A minute longer in this rat warren and they'd become over-succumbed with guns, armour and reinforced equipment/technology to cripple a god. Hydra was persistent, he'd give them that. Just like he'd give a helpful nudge to whoever hesitated to take his exit.

As the last of them went through, Ulrich followed but not before a bullet made impact with his shoulder. His eyes turned red and his nostril flared. Ulrich forced himself to summon the strength to throw a large piece of rubble down the corridor. He heard a satisfying splat and yelling of different instructions. Now that was two corridors blocked so it should have bought them sufficient time. He joined his comrades with rough landing and was left panting. Ulrich glanced at his shoulder and all he could think of was how Gwen would react. She'd probably hit him than fret over him. And Ulrich probably had a queue of people wanting to hit him.