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Image Lucious' appearance had changed due to the strong sexual energy that was oozing out of him as if he was living spring. It had stained all of this room, and it was only Kochou' own power that kept it going outside of that room. As soon as Ichiro stepped in, his step-mother nodded and patted him on the shoulder: "Take care of him and his problem. He can't heal Hikari and Lucelle before he is all balanced out again. Not all of us need to go insane. Please, and if possible - make it quick!"

The dark haired female stepped outside of the room, leaving shattered and completely embarrassed Luscious alone with the incubi, who was about to reveal its real colors. Two small horns had appeared from Luci' forehead and his white hair were untangled from that ponytail he always had in his real form... or as real as it could get for the actual, demonic form. He swallowed, feeling like he wanted to disappear back to his curch and deal with this alone, but he couldn't. Orders were orders and all he could mumble was: "Please, be gentle.... okay?"

Andrew had followed Takeshi and others through the portal, falling against the wall in the livingroom, staring at his own small wound on his cheek. The blood was thick and black, and he brought it to his nose, sniffing it and looking up at Kochou, who was also worried about him: "It is some kind of a poison and it doesn't let me heal myself. I know Luci has some antidote or... maybe you can help me?"
"Will it cause too much of damage if we wait on it a bit longer?"
"Nah, I can do this, but it will just be more painful later."
"Alright, just stay here," Kochou said, turned around and went to Ichiro' bedroom, leaning beside the bed and grabbing the shell' lifeless hand into hers, looking up at Takeshi: "Andrew is hurt as well, but he will live. He is... Luscious' army' general, after all."