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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Character Portrait: Adam Skelecoot ((Roleplay Creator)) Character Portrait: John Skelecoot Character Portrait: Max the Robloxian Character Portrait: Jack "The Ducky Boy" Quackers Character Portrait: Fancy Pants Character Portrait: Skitters Character Portrait: Sir Betelgeuse Grimms Character Portrait: Vragi Odd
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“Hmmm…It’s difficult to hear but I rather like it, myself.” Vragi replied, “Ah, not that there’s anything wrong with having a different preference!” he hastily added, not wanting to get into an argument. Getting on the duchess' nerves was something he thought best avoided

As the ship passed through space, the dwarf’s attention was drawn back to the environment outside which was becoming stranger by the minute.

“Now that’s…certainly a view.” He observed, gesturing toward the window. He wondered if looking at it all for a prolonged time was good for his health, but of course this didn't stop him gawking at it anyway.