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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Skitters looked at Vragi, raising a brow, then, with a mightly leap, and kicking her feet, she pulled herself up far enough to a porthole to peek out. "Cor..."

Grimms steps over to lean over and look out as well. After a moment he just gives a short chuckle.

"Whaaat? What's so funny?"

Grimms pointed at the massive apple. "Look there."

"Oh? What is it?" Looking out for a moment, the raccoon looked attentively, swaying her tail excitedly, shifting her focus on one and then the other. "Sure, it is odd, is there something I'm..."

"Suppose since Mr. Giant didn't want it, anyone hungry?"

She freezes for a moment, then her ears and tail drooped, turning to give Grimms a glare. At first she seems ready to lash out for the bad joke. "All yours, sparky, I ain't eatin' after a bloomin' giant, let alone anybody."

Grimms chuckled at her reaction. He then cleared his throat and straightened his suit. "Well, to be serious for a moment," he said in monotone. "Although they seem benign so far, we should perhaps be on our guard in case there are some that are not. Not to be ominous, of course."