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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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The gramocon speakers would shudder and whine once again. John's disembodied voice spoke thusly, "While we are waiting to reach the Threshold (we are already halfway there, by the way!), I might as well educate you illiterate thugs, and the volunteers, on a piece of mythology unheard of anywhere except the Palm Grove, a rather select world inhabited by the isolated Hand Druids - that is, in fact, 8 foot tall hands that wear druidic robes, rather hospitable people, I find. Anyway, they are possibly the only species in the Imagiverse to even know about this story - except for myself, but only because I ventured there myself and read all their books - so listen well.
There are those who claim that the Imagiverse was created by a galactic detonation known as the Imagiversal Implosion, and I was once one of those who accepted the theory. However, the religious books of the Hands say that the Imagiverse was brought to existence by the Maker, Creator of Creators, a multiversal being who could create anything from nothing with only a thought. He lived in the very rim of the Imagiverse, within His dream castle, writing the rules that would govern the workings of His new universe, as well as forming creatures that would act as His caretakers, maintaining the castle He resided in. It was there that He also made the Creators, who you might consider to be His children, if the laws of reproduction apply to multidimensional gods of His level. According to the Hands, He intended to create a... playground for His children, a universe where they, and He as well, could shape the Imagiverse to their liking, free from the pressures of Reality.
Of course, things didn't go exactly to plan. You see, the Maker, after making the Creators and teaching them His abilities, he started having nightmares. Of what exactly, the books do not specify, but each nightmare brought forth increasingly dangerous creatures - a horde of black, tar-like demons that He imprisoned in a box, only to be released many years later as the Darkness - a towering mass of flesh and eyes, known nowadays as Argus, whose blood was later spilled onto Minecraftia and became the Flux Taint, and whose body broke apart into umpteen abominations - the list goes on to mention other demons with names I cannot pronunciation or recall at the moment. The final nightmare would be His worst yet, bringing to existence a malignant entity equal in power to His own; the Maelstrom, often referred to by the Hands as the Unmaker, the opposing bringer of Destruction to the Maker's Creation.
What followed was an intense battle between the two gods, until the Maker imprisoned the Maelstrom within the rim of the Imagiverse and sent the Creators towards the Centre of the Imagiverse, where they could create in peace. The effort in imprisoning the Maelstrom, as well as the resulting trauma, sent the Maker into an aeons-long slumber, and He hasn't woken up to this day.
His fitful dreams, as well as the Maelstrom's increasing influence over the aeons of wearing down it's chains, are likely the main reason the Edge is incredibly dangerous. The Threshold is the barrier between the Centre and the Edge, the froth of chaotic Creation that would tear any ill-equipped vessel to shreds. When we do get there, I would like it if you try and stay in your cabins, and don't, out of sheer curiosity, look towards the engine. We will experience what could be the highest level of hyper-fantasy that is possible in the Imagiverse. In short terms, well, try not to go mad from whatever you see, aight?"