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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Vragi had his own maelstrom of sorts swirling inside his head, as his ocean of questions swelled yet again and it was all the poor dwarf could do to keep his trap shut. He was already racking his brain to make sense of the whole thing.

β€œI think I prefer the first theory, if it’s all the same” he mused quietly. Despite his own curiosity and usual openness, he was quite sceptical and not a fan of legends and rumours. When asked why he would usually go off an a rant that incorporated various words long the lines of 'fanciful' and 'airy-fairy' as well as some probably made-up phrases. His own thoughts were cut short by a warning to stay away from the engine.

β€œAh, he just had to go and tell us not to do it. Might as well throw me off the side o’ the ship, It’ll just as well be ten times harder now.” He lamented, scratching his nose.