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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

Petra & Ross


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Her eyes darted to the side, noting the hand pressed over his mouth while he chewed. She could just pretend she hadn't noticed, and turned her attention to the view in front of her.

"Aye was actually kinda terrified. Aye just had ta try... Worst aye could get was a no."

She shrugged, smiling demurely down into her glass. "Well, you're a hard person to say no to,"she admitted. Between his straightforward comments and irrepressible smile, there was a genuine quality about Ross that made him hard to resist... and easy to accept, if Petra was willing to be honest with herself, in the way she had always tried to avoid.

When she turned to glance at him again, she was surprised to find him already looking at her steadily. "Just wanted ta give y'a night as special as you." Colour rose to her cheeks - she could feel the heat burning gently just beneath her skin, and was suddenly grateful for the shadows the setting sun cast. "Um. Yes," she managed. "That's quite a compliment."

It was hard to see herself as anything other than her mother's successor. Everything was about control, about managing her abilities - being special had never crossed her mind. But Ross wasn't one to mince his words, and the more she thought about it, the more she thought... maybe she could accept it.