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located in The West, a part of Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult, one of the many universes on RPG.

The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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Calmly watching with a touch of bemusement, the serpent quietly waited for Lux to stumble about for a bit and thought of a way to steer her in the right direction without being so obvious as to alert her prey. Flicking her tongue out once more to catch the scent on the air, brushing against Nagasani as she did, the direction of the runaways could be discerned. They're not far... But, we're going the wrong way...

Being a warm-blooded mammal most of her life, hunting as a snake always felt odd to Astrid. However, hunting in general always felt odd to Astrid, even when it was covering oneself in mud to ambush bandits who ambush caravans, like Lem taught her. The key was to not think about it, and let time pass while your prey runs itself ragged. However it was distinctly harder not to think about it when your enhanced sense of smell and lack of body heat caused an explosion of sensation every time your ride moved. The warm skin of the handmaiden who grew up by the sea was accented by the sea and whatever oils and perfumes made up her morning to create a sensory overload.

Another minutes of wandering passed and Lux began pouting, which Astrid sympathized with as she was doing her best to block all sensation from her mind at the moment. The Palace was an expansive maze to the Lunar Chieftain, even more so when a carnival of senses was screaming at her every jostle and bump. Were it not for the smell of the hunt, she would likely also be entirely lost. Deciding enough time had passed, the serpent calmed itself and tightened up against Nagasani's wrist with its tail, using the upper half of its body to point backwards, towards Ashen and Calliope.

Feeling the snake tense up against her skin, Nagasani slowly stopped walking as she felt Astrid's lower body began to tighten its grip, and her upper body uncoil and run down the length of the girl's arm to her elbow, where it pressed against the back of her sleeve. Uncertain what to think at first, Nagasani ignored it, prompting the serpent to slowly keep coiling until the girl came to a sudden stop. "That sort of hurts Lady Astrid." The coiling halted, but didnt release and the snake started incessantly tapping its nose against the back of her sleeve. "Should we... go back, Lady Astrid?" Hearing her words, the snake began to uncoil, lazily holding onto her body while also fervently pointing to the way that lie their quarry.

"Lady Lux, there is no need to be upset" Nagasani put a consoling arm around the blonde's shoulder before continuing, "I think Lady Astrid is telling us to go this way?" The handmaiden gestured to the snake pressing against her sleeve, and began to walk backwards with Lux.

After setting the two on the right path it was easier to nudge them in the right direction. Once they stopped walking backwards,
they were already going forward, the Lunar need only nudge them left or right, which she did by flicking her tongue against Nagasani's pinky or thumb. Before long they were close to the duo once more.

They're close ~ How best to reprimand an unruly pup? This will be an important lesson to take back to my children... After pondering it for a bit, Astrid decided on an old custom her tribe had created before she arrived, one that she was particularly fond of. It was usually only done at first snow or last snow up North, but it seemed fitting enough in this situation.