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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Skitters's body slowly slid off from the porthole and dropped to the floor as she listened to the story. She was rather personally aware of a portion of this, being as she was, but it interested her in actuality on an outsider's position. While the thought of... talking hands was absurd even to her, seeing what she has been through thus far, it isn't hard to believe either. Her life thus far has lead her to accept the improbable, similar to Mr. Grimms, but with the added drive to... harness it, rather than simply observe and document.

The dwarf then said something quietly to himself, her keen ears picking it up rather clearly. To this she snorted, and from her jaws, rather than from the device that spoke for her, a shrill sound was uttered. "Kreehkehkehkehkeh..." It was laughter, or, at least the closest thing the vessel's vocals could muster. She held her sides, with all four of her forelimbs, and rolled on the ground. "Kreeeehkehekehkehkeh!" she cackled louder, the device now just sputtering in monotone: "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

She stood back up to regain her composure, giving a short soft snort as she wiped a tear from her eye and spattering it against the wall beside her. What hit was rather not water, but something black that quickly dissolved into the shadows. "Well then, I know what I'm looking forward to," she muses in an almost childish singsong manner. Her tail flicked as the last words were spoken. "'Don't,' he says... oy, oy, he had to say 'don't'," she mused, slapping her upper forepaws against her cheeks, squirming anxiously. She was toying now, possibly teasing Vragi, if only for the reason to see the dwarf's views turned on its head, much like her's was when she stepped across the threshold. It wasn't exactly malicious, but rather curiosity on how another being handles the awakening process, a bit of scientific curiosity that made her almost gitty. Maybe then, finally, somebody would be able to understand her on her own level.

Grimms on the other hand stood silent, listening, until looking at the other two. He looked to the raccoon, who was rubbing her hands together, looking rather shifty, and the dwarf being compelled by his curiosity. "Okay, what are you up to?"

"Nuuthin'," she answered cutely, rolling her eyes to the side and shifting slightly, under her mask however, she cracked a smile.

It was clear to Grimms that she was up to something, what surprised him, however, was that she wasn't even trying to hide it. On one hand he was concerned what her scheme may be, but his profile of her, so far, was not one of a particularly sadistic nature. She's greedy, prideful perhaps, she was out to gain something, but what, well he didn't know that yet, but he had theories. "You know, that warning most likely comes from experience."

"Eh, he turned out alright, give or take," she responded with a coy little shrug. "I... would prefer to keep the insulation, however."