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Image A lot of information, if not all that was about Andrew, was only known for Takeshi, Lusci and Kochou; but she knew that Ichiro needed to be let in on that secret as well. It was the first meeting of Luscious and Ichiro, and she wasn't sure of what will happen next. All of this... it didn't feel like The Council, but she sure was going to find out what was going on.

"I figured the same, but still... I will find out whom it is, whatever it takes. No one threatens my family like this, no one," her emerald green eyes had turned into complete black, few dark moths appearing around Ichiro' bedroom. She was worried, furious and angry. Anxious, even.

"I can sense both of their spirits," she added, holding onto Hikari' hand, "Lucelle is drained out of spiritual energy, not all of it, but some... the vital part is shivering. If we can at least get Hikari councious again, we can see through her eyes what it was."

------------------------------ *** ------------------------------

Everything was swilring around him, as Luscious tried to hold the last bit of composure that there was left. He kept shivering, as he was staring at Ichiro, eyes filled with lust and passion that had been kept locked for all these centuries and beyond. What had Hiromasa done to him?

"I....," he managed to speak, with weak voice, going insane, "M-m-m-mouth... I g-g-g-guess..."

It was too much for him, and this boy' touch was electrifing, making him go nuts. It was impossible to hold himself back, and finally letting go just a little bit, he leaned closer to Ichiro and pressed his delicious demon-lips on incubus' lips, pulling the boy into his lap. What had taken over him, he doesn't know, but he was certain that he wanted to give all of this energy away so he could heal Lucelle and Hikari.

It just... Ichiro tasted so good!