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located in Temple, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.


One of the few temples still intact.


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Image He was in his usual self - the long, black kimono and the straw-hat. A fat bakeneko was strolling nearby, sniffing this place out. Daichi felt familiar scents everywhere, but he ignored it as he was there to meet with Inari-sama. A shiver ran over his spine as he looked around and went to take a seat on the stairs in front. He didn't dare to go in furthermore, and was just lingering there... doing nothing much.

His face was covered, but he felt like his tails wanted to come out and play, and thus he let one of the tails appear, curling around his body, cuddling with his side. Chewing on a single straw, he was patient. There was no rush, there was no need to run anywhere. He just knew that Inari-sama had a message for him, and he didn't know of what.

Rumors among The Organization had been running, as there was someone named Strawhat who was helping people out and eliminating spies of opposing fractions. He was as if a savior on the streets and sure to draw attention.