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located in Club Dolce, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Club Dolce

Host Club owned by a slave master Genzo.[b][/b]


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ImageDespite all the chaos of the war that was fought within the country's borders, Harue's company was still doing extremely well. One of the facts about Japan that never changed was that its people love technology. Of course, now that technology branched out into new and more modernized weapons, but for the most part, Harue ran a genuine, honest business. He was only able to do this, he mused as he took a sip from his cocktail, because his son was a High Ranking member of The Organization. But despite the danger around them, he considered the current times to be better than before, since he got to see his son quite often.

If this was true, why wasn't he happy?

Harue knew the answer to that, too. He had developed a relationship with a beautiful young boy, one he held so dear to his heart, and then...

The businessman sighed, causing one of his fellow business partners to nudge his shoulder.

"Hey, cheer up, Matsumori!" the man exclaimed. "We didn't bring you to this club so you could mope! Tonight is to be a night of drinking and fun! Come on~. The next act is supposed to be extremely popular!"

Harue managed to force a small smile, but didn't speak. When the next performer came on stage, Harue glanced towards them, then looked away. A moment later, however, his gaze snapped back up to stare. This woman... She looked exactly like-

"Tae..." he whispered, suddenly finding it hard to breathe.