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Ichiro' Apartment

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Image Black moths in the room shivered, and Kochou sighed, looking up at Takeshi: "All of this... whomever did this, he crossed wrong people. They all will be burning in hell and we will be their hell."

Kochou tossed a glare at the lifeless body in front of her and she held her breath for a moment. "As much as I hate this situation, I am glad that we have someone to play with. I was getting rather bored."

------------------------------ *** ------------------------------
Real Form

He had never... like ever been so naked in front of anyone in his existence, and it felt somehow... thrilling... and freeing. As Ichiro was murmuring against his lips, Luci stuck out his tongue and licked boy' lips, letting a low growl come out, practically moaning. His appearance changed once more and he was in full beastly form of his. The armed-chair' legs gave in and they landed against the floor with it. He had grown taller, his muscles firm and his red horns growing higher - one full, while the other one was much smaller. Long hair like a sea around them both.

As of yet, only Kochou and Lucelle had seen this form of his, but as he was unable to hold his full control, he became to be his truest self, hovering over Ichiro in magnificent height. He was a true monster.

Tossing his head backwards, his member twitched in joy. The heat around them was gradually growing, and Luci slid his monstrous looking finger over Ichiro' cheek, then grabbing boy' shoulder, but not causing any hurt. Instead of the more feminine and elegant voice that was usually present, there was this low and rather... eager voice: "As much as I would love this to continue, we must not stall, Boy. After everything has calmed down, I am all yours." His eyes flashed in lust, and the invitation was real.