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located in Club Dolce, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Club Dolce

Host Club owned by a slave master Genzo.[b][/b]


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Where are you?
I keep waiting and waiting and waiting....

He had started with his act, but as he had opened his eyes and managed to take a sight of a familiar figure, his heart sank. Matsumoto-san!

It was really hard for him to actually finish his singing and dancing act, but he managed to get through with it somehow. Just the moment, when he walked off the dancefloor, Gonzo approached him and told him to go and entertain important guests, poiting at certain table. Taewoo nodded, turning around his high heels. As he was walking towards these guests, he noticed it was... Harue! He was breathless, and it was nearly hard to keep his face straight. It was him! It was Taewoo's 'husband' as he had always gently called Harue in his mind.

Finally reaching to the table, which felt like millions of miles, he bowed gracefully and spoke with his beautiful voice: "Greetings and welcome to Dolce Club. My name is TayTay and I will be one of your Hosts this fair night. Where would you like me to sit?"

He wanted to touch Harue! He wanted to be beside him again! Taewoo needed Harue so much that he was about to burst, but he felt Gonzo' eyes on him and thus, he had to keep himself in check.