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Kairo Choi

Location ✧ His studio apartment
Outfit ✧ Here
Dialogue ✧ 400E15
As he went about his things, Kairo couldn't help but watch Ethan. Had he done the right thing by bringing him here? His body language said he was tense, but that could just as easily be due to what had happened back at the dance studio with Lucy. He returned the soft smile Ethan gave him and watched him for a moment before allowing himself to focus on something else. Food. Did he even have anything that could be made into a meal? Given that this studio was a place where Kai came when he was overwhelmed or overly stressed, more often than not he was not in the mood to eat while he was here, let alone cook.

He headed back towards the fridge, hoping with every ounce of strength that there was something there, otherwise he'd either leave Ethan without a meal or have to go grocery shopping which implied leaving Ethan alone. Neither option was going to cut it. But the moment he opened his freezer his worries vanished. Smiling back at him was a pack of Bulgogi Beef, one of his most favorite things to make. He let out a sigh of relief as he reached for the meet, setting it inside the sink and letting the hot tap water run over it.

He wasn't a five-star chef by any means, but he could certainly manage to make this beef along with some sweet potatoes noddles he'd spotted merely seconds after. After setting the meat to marinate for a few minutes, Kairo walked himself back to the couch, making himself comfortable beside Ethan. There was a beat of silence before the therapist turned to the boy beside him, his eyes covered with both concern and guilt. "Are you...feeling any better?"