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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Soon, the Innovatium-powered space shuttle was within lightyears from the Threshold, the galactic barrier between fantasy and hyper-fantasy, between conscious Imagination and the more primeval, subconscious streams of Creation. This was not readily apparent to the crew, although outside the porthole, they could see a planet-sized turtle gliding through space, four elephants perched on it's star-flecked shell, which in turn supported what looked to be a flat world, complete with continents and a spire of ice protruding from the centre of the disc. "Great A'tuin," John would announce. "The star turtle, carrying the Discworld on it's shell. It's often theorised by the collective scientific minds of the Imagiverse that it can only exist in areas of very low reality levels, so we're close to the Threshold."
Time would pass before they were now relatively touching the barrier. From a spacious distance, it seemed as if there wasn't anything unusual, just the regular specks of stars sprinkled across the infinite horizon. This close, however, there was the unnerving impression that the stars were merely painted onto a vast dome, the stars overhead climbing over the spaceship.
When John next spoke, there was an odd undertone in his voice, almost imperceptible under the feedback of the gramocon. "In the next few min- next few moments, your ideas on the fundamental workings of the universe will be strained to their limits, changed either minutely or completely. I'm sure you have gotten the hint from what you have seen so far, but once we pass the Threshold, you will know for certainty what I have known for many years. If you are of faint heart, then close your eyes, although that alone may not shield your vision from the creative froth that is (From the opposite cabin, "John, for the love of Telamon, would you JUST STOP TALKING FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE AND GET ON WITH IT!") the Threshold."
Again, the increasing intensity of the engine's hum. The gradual vibration of the cabin. Then a great deal of distance, into the Threshold, in a matter of a second.