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QuestZone Colosseum

This commercial-friendly coliseum is the center stage for the most entertaining mage battles to take place on Origin. Brought to you by QuestZone, the worldwide choice for car rental services!


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Well, he hadn’t been entirely sure what to expect walking into this but Brand had been hoping the games wouldn’t all be focussed on combat. This was good news for him, since he wanted to try his magic in lots of different situations to see what he could do with it.

He had tried a bit of performing with his magic before, so he had kind of an idea what to do, although those sparkly fireworks he’d shown at the guild HQ earlier would likely be lost in the sea of spectacles if he used it now. He needed something bigger, flashier.

“OK” he said, igniting a spark in his hand, “Let’s-” he was cut off by a wave of magic which dispelled his own, and he turned to a nearby mage whose own display had just begun. Brand’s first instinct would have been to show off his shapeshifting ability as a phoenix, which he was now realizing would be a not so great idea. After this rather moving performance involving a golden bird motif, something too similar looking would look like a cheap rip-off to the audience. After this finished he could already see a few of the more desperate mages across the arena trying to imitate it. Nevertheless he applauded the mage, having genuinely enjoyed it despite having such a high bar to go against.

“OK, maybe not that. Let’s see if a dragon gets-” almost immediately his attention was caught by the sound of thunder and lightning. He watched the draconic mage’s display of shapeshifting and storm magic, clapping resignedly along with the audience.

“Right, maybe one that’s more serpentine-” as if on cue, he was cut short as another two began their display, this time in collaboration. It involved a giant serpent-like dragon. Again he was very impressed, although this was starting to worry him since there was such daunting competition, and from the first group as well.

“OK. OK… crap, I can’t just copy someone else’s idea.” The knight that he defaulted to for combat might be interesting but it just wouldn’t grab people’s attention by itself. “Oh!” he snapped his fingers as the idea kindled in his mind.

With a small flourish, Brand enveloped himself in an orange blaze, shifting effortlessly into his usual awakened form, a large suit of armour covered in phoenix and wing motifs. He observed the feather like patterns on his forearm, appearing deep in thought despite having no visible face beneath his stoic helmet. He shook his hand downwards, and the flames broke up, reassembling to change the decoration - and colour. The inner glow remained a fierce marigold while the outer plates of his armour took on a marble of deep crimson flame which trailed black smoke, making an ominous but vibrant display. To match, his phoenix motif was replaced by an ornamentation of various bone shapes, namely skulls. This change spread over the armour, the result of which was spooky looking while being just goofy enough to not actually scare any of the younger spectators. Waving a hand over his helmet, it changed into a flaming grinning skull which he promptly removed from its ‘neck’, tossing it up and down in the air while it chattered and cackled.

He then spun around, being swept up in a cloud of black smoke. He them emerged, atop a matching flaming horse, rearing on its hind legs, while he held his laughing skull ‘head’ up in the air. The smoke from the cloud formed into a cloak around the rider as he galloped up into the air and did laps around the edge of the arena.

As the blazing steed galloped across the air right past the audience, the young mage balanced atop the horse and juggled his skull, which split into two, then three, until he was performing various tricks with about 5 heads along with various swords and daggers, also made of fire. He also added some hops, handstands and backflips in for good measure. In reality, this kind of performance was impossible for the young man as he had little, if any, acrobatic skill. But thanks to his magic ability, it was just a matter of manipulating the fire his awakened form was made from, and doing it in a way that convinced the viewer he had weight and realistic anatomy. Actually, even the ‘smoke’ was just fire that he had altered to suck in light instead of emit it.