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located in The Centre, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Centre

The galactic sector of the known Imagiversal worlds.


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Vragi watched the Duchess’ apparent mirth in befuddlement, one bushy eyebrow twitching anxiously. He was mostly unsure what exactly was going through the raccoon’s head though he would have to guess that she was waiting for him to trip himself up in some way or other.

As the ship began to speed up, he glanced around. His eyes widened beneath his goggles, and the dwarf grabbed the end of his beard and, spiky as it was, pulled it back over his head, tying a knot just behind. The result was what looked like a tiny creature with a large white pom-pom for a head, one dagger-like nose protruding.

Whether it would shield him from whatever it was looking at the engine would do, he had no idea, but at least now he didn’t know how to look at it, so if he did try it, he at least had a reduced risk of succeeding. The smith braced himself as the ship began to cover the remaining distance to the threshold. During this time he appeared to lock up, not even a twitch of movement.