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Grimms's body, or rather, his shell, braced him as they breached the Threshold barrier, a technicolor dreamscape suddenly searing into his eyes. For most this would be a moment of seizure inducing madness, but for him... a distant memory bubbling up from the depths of his soul. As space stretched before him, warping in every breadth and width, he almost felt something through his shell. Reaching out with his hand he truly felt... or believed he felt... as if he could feel the pulse of the cosmos. His mind flooded with a fullness, eyes bleeding of cognition, ears filled with the profound. No, this is nonsense, I must remain resolute. His thoughts, though of thought, spoken without breath, was yet heard as sound none the less, rippling through the fabric of hyper-Fantasy. Ah, fascinating, it would appear here the realms of the improbable, or rather, impossible, are the same as truths.

For the raccoon, however, she was not ready to embrace the collision against the Threshold, yet too proud and stubborn to look away. The impact was a rush of colors and sounds. Her voice box made a series of tones like a radio flipping through stations. Barely audible voices and shrieks could be heard from it, many of which not belonging to her. A shadow, or rather, a black image was cast behind her. It was a feminine silhouette, quite a bit taller than her, with unbridled waving hair. Its eyes opened, and three sets of arms stretched out over the cabin around the banded rascal.

"A̷̍͜s̷̡̈́ų̴̎r̵͈̐a̶̫͂.̵̳̄?" a voice beckoned to her.

"Wh-what did you say?" her voice cracking, startled further to actually hear her voice. It was not some cartoonish electronic fabrication of voice, nor the screech of an animal, but instead that of a woman, even if a bit coarse. She held a paw up to her throat, the disbelief wafting through her as she vocalized a bit. It was not exactly through her throat, exactly, but rather, the sounds she made, through her mind, were transformed into... her old voice. Profound. The last time such a phenomenon occured was when she was next to the Innovatium engine.

"C̴̟̿u̸̦͗r̴̡̒i̵̹̕o̴͍͘u̸͖̇s̸̳̈́e̸͖̒r̷̼̈́ ̶͔͂ȃ̶͖ṉ̶̂d̵̼́ ̷͎̕c̷͕͒ȕ̸̦ŕ̴̹i̵̡͘o̴̻̚ů̸͕ṣ̴̓e̷̲͆r̵͑͜...!" the voice returned, suddenly cackling with mad laughter. A third eye opens in the head of silhouette cast by Skitters, the third eye blue and having a club-shaped pupil. The figure begins to stretch out, forming a long grin, two large teeth up front and hints of jagged ones deep inside a dark maw. The other two eyes open, yellow, with horizontally slit pupils. Long ears became visible, along with the teeth, it appears to be some twisted rabbit-like creature. "G̴u̸e̵s̴s̷s̸s̶s̷s̸s̸S̸S̷S̴S̷s̴s̵s̴s̴t̸s̷!̴?̶ Guests for TEA!? Or are they... fools? T̶o̵ ̷b̸e̷ ̸t̸o̷r̴n̶ ̵a̴s̵u̷n̸d̵e̸r̴ ̸a̵n̸d̵ ̴c̵a̴s̸t̵ ̴t̷o̸ ̶t̸h̶e̶ ̷s̴e̵a̷!̶?̸"

Skitters turned and looked back to see half of the creature that had emerged from her shadow, now just loomed above her with a wide grin and big wild eyes. Of what could be seen, a long rabbit-like head with an expansive grin, sewn shut on the side, obscuring somewhat the jagged teeth within. Atop its head was a large top hat of eloquence only a true mad hatter could appreciate. Taken aback for only a moment, the tenacity of the raccoon won over her better judgement, and leered aggressively at the rabbit. The rabbit's jaw shut tight and expression blanked, ears drooping for a moment. Its nose wiggles for a moment, before it roars again with distorted maniacal laughter, it's immense jaws agape displaying a discolored maw.

"I see! I see! An ambition sparks within your soul... stoking the flames of a megalomaniacal heart! How frightening! How unsettling! How... fun! G̴y̷a̶h̴a̴h̶a̸h̸a̶h̷a̴!̷" the creature cackled once more. "We're all mad here! And here, the mad perseveres! And to the logistical? ...well... sucks to be them! But you, you... gyaha! Mad! Mad as a Mad Hare..! Caution to the wind, embracing the pandemonium! You will soon be shaped by it: mind, body, and soul!"

Grimms turned, shifting his attention to Skitters. From his perspective, he only saw her, standing there, spaced out, tensed up and confronting a blank wall. "What are you looking at, little one?"

She looked over at him, her glare perplexed by his lack of reaction to the thing behind her, but looking back, she saw nothing but a blank wall as well. She knew, however, that it was no figment... even now she could still feel the heat of its breath lingering in the air. She turns back, and after staring at Grimms for a moment, she finally spoke again. "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." she said softly, as one of her eyes twitches briefly.