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located in The West, a part of Exalted: A Tale in the Time of Tumult, one of the many universes on RPG.

The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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[will probably rewrite this a bit later, it's late and I'm tired :P]

Utterly unaware of the pursuit that was slowly tracking them down, Ashen and Calliope were continuing their impromptu tour of the dragon’s palace. The ever present artwork remained a constant in their surroundings as usual but now Ashen took the time to walk ploddingly so that both he and the princess could survey them at their leisure. In doing so certain themes began to appear in some sections. One wall might depict ancient exalts in fierce battle against monstrous creatures of immense size, while the next might show various spirits in meditative positions or kings conducting debates. It could soon be surmised that much of the works might not be things of Fakharu’s imagination but renditions of significant events in creations past. Ancient glories and wise rulers, each adding to a tapestry of creations ever expanding history.

It matter only as a mild curiosity to Ashen who was content to enjoy this walk with the pleasant sensation of holding pretty young woman in his arms. “Hmm so… Wavecreast.” Having invited the princess on this walk with him under the pretense of discussing their homelands, Ashen decided to take the initiative and start first. “It sits at tha southernmost edge of tha great island chain. It be made up o’ three great islands, tha largest of which be Abalone, and a dozen or so smaller isles sorroundin’ em. Our’s is the largest set o’ isles in the whole of the west, tha only ones large enough ta west to support large scale farmin infact, an’ tha coupled with the rich volcanic soils our gods grant us makes us tha breadbasket o’ tha west. Ay grew up one a farm near a town called Divers Joy, on the south end of Abalone. It’s called tha because of the abundance of oyster pearls tha ye can scavenge from the reefs round it. I used to take part in it meself as a kid with me friends, made good money too, though mother Huihana thought it were to dangerous for a boy me age. Ay used ta have ta sneak out after dark some days with a knife ta go huntin’ which earned me more than a few canings when she caught me.” He chuckled a bit. “Ay remember one day ay came home with a bloody bite on me rump, from an eel ay accidentally sat on one mornin. Mother Huihana was right cross bout that one, both me mothers were actually. Though sadly she turned out ta be right in tha end. Some sea beast started moving in a few years back, an any divin’ crews tha weren’t well armed tended to go missin, which forced a career change on me part.”