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Altian let Emerin lead the way as the driving force of what they should do, what they should try, and what they should talk about before the second challenge. He didn't pay any mind to being dragged across the room, nor did he mind the overly excited and emphatic nature of the scene around them, nor the occasional stares and glances they got in every room they went to. It made him wonder exactly how many people were witness to their performance in relation to others. Sure, they listed who passed and who didn't and maybe it wasn't important, but it was a question that nagged at his curiosity. How well did they perform in comparison with the other performances?

He had to constantly remind himself that it wasn't important as he explored the insane waiting room with so many different types of food he had only read about. To be fair, it was easy to forget as Altian realized how hungry he was when his stomach growled. His mouth was practically salivating at the plates of Hop Scotch Burgers, Magical Matt's Mashed Potatoes, deep fried turkey, and even the iconic city cuisine...the Classic Questrios Club: A monster of a sandwich with every exotic meat that could be salvaged in addition to flavorful peppers, crunchy lettuce, and some secret spice and sauce that brought all the flavors together. He knew that each one costed a good 20 quid out in the stands and they were getting them for free, basically. Part of the perks of being a competitor.

He didn't hesitate to grab one of these legendary sandwich in addition with some turkey breast (pulling out the wish bone with it), some classic Groovy Gear French Fries, a serving of Vincent's Veggies to balance out the unhealthy stuff, a Calypso Colada (which was not an alcoholic drink, but a tropical fruit smoothie), and a Hesh Cake to remind him of home.

"You should get one of those Questrios Clubs," he pointed the gigantic sandwich out to Emerin, "They're super expensive in the city and you may never get another chance to try one again! Mmmff..." he couldn't help but moan in satisfaction as he bit into this sandwich, the rush of flavors filling his mouth and blending together like a sautee symphony, "Oh, id so guhd!"

As he ate with Emerin (who likely had three times his appetite and that was saying something), he glanced around at some of the other remaining competitors, watching them chatter among themselves. Most of them were in high spirits, of course. They all made it past the first round. A few were hardcore analyzing the room, trying to get a read on what others could do, figure out their opponents and understand how they could surpass them. A few were stressing out over how they could prepare for the upcoming race, most notably a pair of fat, bard-like wizards who were attempting to whip up a speed spell on the fly. It was easy to tell from some people who was confident and who wasn't...who was here to have fun and enjoy the moment and who was here to compete and take home the victory. And some people remained ghosts or unreadable husks, not wanting to reveal anything or give away any thoughts as if it might betray them and lead others to exploit their weaknesses should they ever be found out.

But all the while, he couldn't help but wonder what the next challenge was going to be. Of course he knew as much as everyone else was a race. But something about the atmosphere told him this wasn't going to be a typical race...something about the design and the structure and overall feel of the Grand Magi Games. This was going to feel different.

And as the massive amount of people slowly recharged their batteries, the nature of their performances coming through on the big screen as it replayed round one, and the cryptic messages and mysterious nature of the judges and their intentions played through his mind, a hunch began to form.

"Hey, Emry-Shu," Altian nudged his best friend on the arm as they continued, "I'm getting a vibe that this next round could throw some crazy, unexpected turns at us. There's so many people here still...and there's so many more events to get through. That first round weeded out all the combat-centric magic users. I feel like this next round is going to do something similar."

His voice was low and close, not out of secrecy, but so Emerin could hear, "Every time we get to work together again, let's do it. But I have this strong feeling like at some point, sooner or later, we might not get to do it anymore. When that happens, I may not be there to help ya. And it's the same the other way around. So promise me that no matter what happens, we do our best, we try our hardest, and we trust each other. And even while we're competing, we're rooting for each other. Cause I'll be rooting for you no matter what, Emry-Shu!"

"Spit Pact on it!" he stood up, hacked up a lugie, and spit it into his hand, offering it out to Emerin. He knew the Spit Pact was their promise shake and he knew that the blue-haired boy would do the same and they would shake. Not that they needed it since they basically grew up as best friends and they trusted each other more than most people would trust another in the world. But Altian knew what it would do to Emerin: Bolster his confidence in case they couldn't join forces and have it be a reminder that no matter what, no matter how, they would never become enemies.

Like true best friends...