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"Excuse me," Tackel said, raising a hand politely. "I have a question, a serious one. As the sole survivor of your ship's crash, I have to ask, maam... what caused it? I admit, I don't know much about ships but it seems they generally don't fall out of the sky unless there's something wrong, yes?"


Galneryus watched Girthfield with distaste and contempt, having nothing to say to the man and very little respect for his (on paper) superior. Instead, he busied himself accompanying the strong melodies of Zambob's hymn, his guitar strumming out a simple tune that seemed to carry on the wind, strengthening the workers as they cleared the sand and debris from the giant artillery cannon.

When Syra exited the craft, Galneryus' eyes narrowed, but he said nothing, instead waiting to see what would happen.


Otis followed Ash and Percy at a slight distance, giving them a respectful distance while staying unnoticed among the crowds of Cobran. Regardless of how they might perceive strangers, Otis had a knack for disappearing in crowds, of being unseen and unheard when he wanted. Perhaps it was part of his Phoenix powers, or perhaps it was something he had picked up elsewhere, but Otis was able to observe much without drawing any attention to himself.

What he observed... concerned him. After all, the city was beautiful, indeed, but there was something about it, a darkness that seemed to whisper from the shadows. The eyes of the citizens were bright, but not in a delightful way - the energy was not pleasant but almost feverish. And the snakes were everywhere - not real snakes, but carvings, designs, and more. The people had even begun to look like snakes in some cases, as if they were slowly transforming from human to reptile themselves.

The effect made Otis shiver. It reminded him too much of the Eight and the nightmares they had left in his head.