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Palavan swallowed. The hospital room was built with a foundation of dry woods, clay and rock hardened together around it to make the overarching pillars of the room. It made it have almost a skeletal appearance. Everything in Cobran had it, something almost too biological in it's construction. Even out the hospital balcony the construction of the town, with it's levels and hanging walkways like pasta strains, seem to be built naturally, not out of design, but of a body.

Palavan glanced over to Tackel. Both he and Seru had introduced themselves earlier, and had gotten her comfortable. But now, of course, were the answers. She did not fully trust them but understood the gist of the situation. She was alive, in some form or another, because of them. "There was... discontent among the crew. I was among the cabin staff so I'm not sure... how it started," Palavan paused. "All I know is that we were somewhere we weren't meant to be. We were following orders that... weren't ours to follow."


Girthfield wondered why Galy hated him so much for no reason as he watched over the dig site at the edge of town. Suddenly Syra had appeared beside him, silently, unnoticed. "Ah, my lady," Girthfield grinned at the girl. "Anything you found of interest- notes, orders?"


Percy walked them through the busy streets of Cobran, the stone walkways caved in from the volumes of traffic the stone city had. Below the hanging lanterns and streets they got looks- not too many strange ones, as it seemed the city had no one people, but instead souls from across the Rock itself. "Well, I was found I was," Percy explained, leading them to a side-street and walking up a stone stairway. They reached the top and began to walk over a rickety bridge, hanging diagonally over another. "After the occupation we Sorillian's weren't too popular, but I wasn't about to go to banditry or anything of the like."

A voice called out to Percy as he reached a cliff-side street on the other side of the bridge.


The Sudean word for guard or guardsman. A fruit vendor perched precariously close to the drop-off threw a mango Percy's way. Percy grabbed the fruit and gave a jiffy three finger salute to the man. "So I tried to be a hired gun for a bit, security," Percy explained as they walked, children running passed them into the open doors of one of the clay-rock houses. "But uh... well, you know how hard it is to find decent work here. You're one man's security for a few jobs too long and you become a member of his gang, as it were."

Percy blinked as he strolled, going off-the cliff-side street and onto a curved, residential one. Above them from window to window a crisscross of laundry lines and baskets hung. "In my travels I always tried to find a way home, you know," Percy looked over his shoulder at Ash. "A way out. But... a ship off the Rock is harder to find than a piece of livestock without an antennae here."

Percy marched them up the street to their approaching destination- the stone archway entering into a public eatery, writing Ash and Otis couldn't read carved above it. Warm light shun through as drinking and celebration could be heard beyond. "This is where many of the guard's go after shift," Percy explained, leading them into forum. Inside the stone walls dozens of sits were spread out with families and singles drinking and eating feasts. There was no roof, instead the sky of the cave-ceiling simply stretching above them. No need if it never rained, one supposed.

Percy approached a table and collapsed loudly onto a seat. "Eventually heard about this place enough times that I had to... pilgrimage out to it." Percy looked up at Ash genuinely. "It's hard to find, but once you find it, it's all worth. I didn't find home, but... old boy, I suspect I found something better."

Percy grinned. "Come on boys, sit! The food here is beyond anything you've had for years, trust me! Cobran trades with towns all over, it's all exotic flavours and roasts here!"


From above the forum, where Horik and the woman were watching, she'd notice three newcomers entering the festive forum. One of them she'd seen before... the boy, from Schittle....