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located in The Rockaverse, a part of Lords of Rock, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


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Character Portrait: Syra Onnet
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Syra shook her head, watching as the people dug the cannon from what should be its grave. "The Knight's are the Knights. They seek glory and nothing else. Stepping in when all seems hopeless and claiming they've saved the day when in fact the world simply burns around them. That ship is little more than a scout, sent to do recon, once the cannon is ready, he will call his superiors and a dreadnaught will fill skies, sending all the mystics into a frenzy, the warlords on a warpath, and the Remnants will try and reason with the Knights, pull them to their side, their way of thinking, since many served the Knights in the past." She sighed, clasping her hands behind her back as she looked into the cloudless sky, "This world won't survive the coming onslaught that this weapon had brought," She eyed Girthfiel, "Tell me, Guardian, do you and yours have what it takes to protect the innocents of this world? To offer them hope?" She smirked coldly and began to walk away, seeking the strange armored woman, who'd arrived with the Knight.

"Azure...what are you hiding?" She muttered to herself as the hot sand blew over around her.