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located in Capetown, Texas, a part of Project Oddity, one of the many universes on RPG.

Capetown, Texas

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!


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◄:Terry ‘Tess’ Farina:►

Tess listened intently to Legend’s advice and rundown regarding Tangle, most of it general information she’d heard before, but having the specifics in mind would be important for the future. She had no metal on her, so she’d be safe to get to almost 100ft before being impacted by the Abbhorent’s aura. Well, safe was a stretch. The difference between 100ft to 200ft wasn’t much when considering how fast Tangle could move. Ideally, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Tangle anyway. Given how tough Tangle was, Tess was highly doubtful that her energy blades – Even at their maximum output – would be able to cut something like that. Part of her wondered how her powers would interact with the radiation and light alteration effects Tangle was capable of, but at this stage, she was more concerned with staying alive and doing what she could rather than testing her limits. She was quick and nimble - and as she’d just recently worked out - capable of teleporting herself and others. That would be her goal. Rescuing those that got injured, or any stray civilians still caught out on the surface.

No sooner had Tess decided what action to take then all hell broke loose. She’d expected more warning, more of a signal or go sign as they knew where Tangle was coming from and someone had to have been watching it, right? But no. Tangle broke through a building, still a somewhat sizeable distance away, roaring so loud that every thought left Tess’ head as it rattled through her mind. Then it started coming, and the world fell into chaos. Capes rushed past Tess, both forwards and back. Roughly, Tess felt an arm on her shoulder and a voice in her ear, and then, she was moving. “God your hopeless! This is exactly why I didn’t want to come here! We’re probably going to get in the way more than help anything!” Marcy’s voice rang loud and clear as Tess followed after her, sticking to the crowd of capes moving in the opposite direction. Were they fleeing? Well... Yes and no. Repositioning to better use their abilities, maybe? At least getting out of the line of fire as Capes with far better ranged abilities began launching munitions and beams and blasts at the approaching monster. Unsurprisingly, Tangle didn’t even seem to flinch, and one by one, names began getting listed off. Dead. Gone. Tess was seized with terror, but her legs didn’t stop thanks to Marcy’s guidance.

Stumbling into a clearing and getting a moment to catch her breath, Marcy was the first to speak, her attention on Tess, but at the same time, her eyes constantly flitted back to the abomination that was Tangle. “So what now genius? I don’t have any combat abilities, and you can’t go anywhere near that thing, so we’re essentially dead weight. Can we leave now?” Urging her friend once more, Marcy hoped that the gravity of the situation was finally beginning to crush Tess’ optimism. And on some level, it certainly had shaken her to her core. But she wasn’t giving up. Even though she was terrified, she’d made a promise to herself that she was going to start acting more like a hero. She had a power to do something. She was going to use it to make a difference.

“Marcy, I’m going to get behind Tangle and start surveying the damaged area. There might be people we can save, and if we work back towards Tangle we might be able to help injured capes left behind. Are you coming?” Tess gestured out down the road, her voice wavering only slightly to betray how nervous she was. Marcy stared in stunned silence a moment before giving an exasperated growl. “Ugh, fine, you go do that. I’ll… Find wherever they’re setting up emergency treatment and see what I can do to help. I’ll… Clear room for the people you bring back or something.” Tess smiled at Marcy, nodding as she turned and began focusing on making a new portal. “Alright. I’ll try to warp in above the general area. See if you can flag me down so I know where you are.” With the plan formally settled on, Tess made a single vertical slice with her light-blade, nodding to Marcy before stepping through. Reappearing far down the street behind Tangle, Tess immediately began surveying the area for signs of life. It wasn’t pretty, but she could certainly make out sounds and signs of movement amongst the rubble and smoke.

Running forward, Tess only got a few steps closer to a nearby figure before stopping, her instincts flaring up as she leapt to the side and narrowly avoided a thorny appendage slamming into the ground next to her. Taking a moment to regard her foe, it was vaguely humanoid, but seemed to be made of thick, coiled and interconnected vines or branches. No doubt one of those plant minions Legend had spoken about earlier. As the next swipe came towards Hush, the heroine deftly ducked, moving in and slicing the appendage clean off, a heat seared mark burning right through the plant where it had been severed. Happy with her success, Tess was caught off guard as the creature’s other arm immediately struck her in the stomach, winding the girl as she was knocked back. Gasping for air, Tess quickly realised her mistake. She’d expected that thing to react with pain or acknowledge the injury, but it wasn’t really conscious it seemed. They were minions built to serve one purpose, and that was to eliminate capes and other stragglers left in Tangle’s wake. Grimacing as she got back to her feet, Tess wasn’t going to let her inexperience stop her. She wasn’t going to become another casualty. She’d be a hero.