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Vragi relaxed slowly, feeling (wrongly) that he had acclimatized to the threshold’s effects.

-Well, this isn’t so bad- he mouthed as he untied his makeshift blindfold. Unfortunately, rather than making any sound, the words appeared as glowing runes in the air just a few inches in front of him. He cleared his throat.

“Apologies, I meant to say, well this-” as he began repeating himself each rune changed from its pale silvery hue to a deep crimson as he spoke, “…isn’t so…bad.” The now ruddy symbols each disappeared with various sounds, one of which was something like a lost sock meowing.

He stared at one of the runes, which had stubbornly refused to give up its brief existence. The thing seemed to be staring him down. Reaching out a hand, the dwarf poked the glyph experimentally.

There was a rush of something around Vragi, as if the air were about to pounce on some unsuspecting prey, and his hair seemed to stand up on its own accord. With a bouquet of iridescent sparks, a wave of forceful energy scraped across his body and launched the poor dwarf across the room, slamming him into the wall. The rune, thankfully, did go away. From the look of it.

“OK, I take that back.” He muttered, as his goggles began to glitter merrily contorting and shifting into a quite unpleasant creature vaguely like a sea-cucumber which dropped to the floor and was promptly squashed by the startled smith.

“Those were my best pair…” he lamented, waddling to his pack which he rummaged through, to find a spare.

While he was doing this he was oblivious to the unsettling transfiguration of the ship’s fabric, so that when he re-emerged donning a pair of rather bright lime-green goggles (they’d all changed appearance under the threshold’s influence) He was immediately hit with the...scene.

He walked silently up to the wall, and poked it.

"Should I try feeding it the slug? Hm? Are you alright?" he asked the raccoon, apparently oblivious to whatever she'd encountered