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located in Lunalake Island, a part of Memoria Irae, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lunalake Island

A large island and major hub, Lunalake City is here, along with a few fishing towns situated around the river and lake. In the middle of the lake is a strange clock tower where the governor lives. No one knows why he lives there, he just... does.


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At the dawn of a new day, light shines on the landmasses below from the glow of the Great Memorian Tree, whose branches reach throughout the realm. Gradually the wildlife began to stir, and the warble of birds filled the air... or rather, this would normally be the case, but it seemed a bit less noisy than normal. It was the same in Lunalake City, the outbreaks in the lower islands, along with the threat of the Harlequins had people slightly hesitant, and actively trying to avoid its mention. After a while, it'd go back to commune and business as normal.

In the city hall building, however, shut in and away from the wandering eyes and ears of the average citizen, a different life was going on, as representatives tried to reconcile what to do about the ongoing threats that menaced their peaceful lives. It was fairly heated, with many disagreements abound.

"What if we pay them? Maybe they'll leave us alone! Everyone likes money these days, right?" one yelled out, clearly uncertain of his own words.

"Of course it is money with you, it is always money! We should fight back!" a woman screeches.

"Oh and I suppose you'll fight the Silence too!" another woman yells.

"D-don't mention that thing..!" a man whimpers. "You'll draw it to us!"

"You are all so... noisy..." a dry voice mutters, yawning. The room goes quiet and all eyes look back. For much of the meeting, Abdown had remained silent, to the point that most forgotten he was there. "I skipped my morning tea to attend this, you know? And hours in, there's been no progress."

"If you would actually participate for once, maybe, just maybe we'd actually get somewhere for once!" one snapped after a brief silence, only for the others to try hushing him. "But excuse us if we've interrupted your beauty sleep!"

"Ah," Abdown muttered, standing up from his seat, standing tall over the council members, stepping over them to stand over the man, looking down on him with intense eyes. "Somebody with guts, am I to take this as volunteering to be the one to take up action?"

"Uh," the man muttered as he shrunk down some.

"Help reform the guard, to capture these rogues and bring them in? Perhaps you want to take on that beast girl that has made the eastern woods her domain now?" as he said all this, the man quietly sat down and looked down in shame. Abdown sighed and backed away. "Of course not," he muttered, sighing before heading towards the door.

"S-sir, the meeting isn't over yet, we've still not reached a-" one began to say.

"As was last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, and so on, and so on," he said in a monotone voice. "Perhaps we've grown too soft, too cushy in our little revelries. We never will reach a conclusion, and we'll keep going as we have, til the end. Oh well. See you all next week, adieu." With this he unhooked his cane from the doorknob, opened the door and left out into the streets, shielding his eyes against the light as he does so. Giving no direct glances at the citizens he set out to head straight back to his tower.