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victoire weasley

Entering King's Cross sent an excited, yet saddening wave over Victoire as she walked in step with her brother. Only one other time would she be where she is today, and that was when she'd leave Hogwarts for good. Thinking about it made her stomach turn in knots. Not only to no longer be part of the one place that really helped her figure out who she was, but the thought that once school was over... It might be the first time her and Louis are forced to go separate ways. She sighed and quickly suppressed the thought.

They were nearly to the platform when she saw a lost duckling in newly bought robes without any house colors, staring blankly at their ticket in confusion. She left her trolly with her brother, before making her way to the raven haired girl. Victoire squatted down to be at eye level with the girl. "Hello darling, having trouble reaching finding the platform?"

The girl didn't say anything, simply nodded her head. Victoire moved around beside her, placing a tender hand on the girl's back and pointed toward her brother with the other. "Watch." Moments later Louis disappeared through the brick column with his trolly, causing the girl to gasp in shock.

If anything, it seemed to intimidate the poor girl more, who clung to Victoire's Slytherin robes. She smiled placing a hand on her shoulder. "Want me to go with you?" She nodded her head. Thankfully her father stepped up beside her, placing a kiss on her cheek as he took Victoire's trolly so she could help the girl.

Once on the platform, whatever fears the little one had quickly washed away. She gave Victoire a hug and a sheepish, "Thank you." Before scurrying off toward the other first years.

Gods she'd miss this place.

In no time, Scorpius found his way toward them and pulled Louis away like an obedient victim. Victoire sighed and placated their parents as her brother disappeared into the train. She assured them that he loved them in his own weird way and listened to her parents' yearly 'be good' speech. It always sounded like the same nonsense parents always told their kids. But for the two of them it was different. It really meant, 'Keep Louis out of trouble.' And 'Louis, make sure you take care of your sister.' Oh, and of course, 'Victoire, stay in control.' All stuff she heard before, at length, before they headed for King's Cross.

She finally found her way onto the train after her parents smothered her with more hugs that necessary. Separated from their parents, Dominique quickly left Victoire to her own devices, choosing to never be alone with her after the incident those years back. She sighed once alone and found her way onto the train and to her brother's cabin. As what was expected, Scorpius and Victoire exchanged uncomfortable, bordering on disgusted glances as she took the seat across from them.

"Down Malfoy, I come in peace," she said without even looking toward the ill-tempered boy as she dug out her book, Secrets of the Darkest Arts, enchanted to look like Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. Victoire moved her feet up onto the bench beside her and quickly slunk down into her seat, as she read her book drowning out anything Scorpius was doing.


Once the opening ceremonies were finished, Victoire didn't find herself rushing off to dormitories like the others. No one had to say anything, she could feel it in the air... Their excitement at sneaking out to the shrieking shack to partake in the kick off party of the year. Another year of being the resident party pooper. She chuckled to herself at the thought of it and sighed as she slowly trudged her way down to the Slytherin common room.

In the past, Victoire would go but keep to herself, often reading a book in the corner or sitting on the porch of the shack with Nox as the parties roared inside. But this was her last year at Hogwarts. The last year to make memories that would last her a life time. She toiled over it all as she weaved her way through first years and congregated Slytherins who whispered about the party in hush tones. And as she reached her bed, Victoire decided that unlike before... This year, she'd try to make the most of it, including trying to enjoy the party.

The whole time she got ready her mind kept replaying, 'It's your last year, make it count.' Victoire didn't rush getting ready, because unlike everyone else, she wasn't itching to get their the second it all started. Baby steps. For her first step, dressing for a party. Victoire dug in her trunk, going back and forth between multiple outfits until she finally settled on one and forced herself into it before she could change her mind and wear something more typical.

As she prepared to leave the dorms far later than the others, she heard approaching steps and a disapproving grunt. "Where might you be going?"

Victoire pivoted on her heels, turning around to be met by Rebecca Abernathy. Syltherin's resident snob and gossip. One of the many reasons she never got an invitation. "I don't have time for this," she whispered to herself. Her hands grabbed the hem of her skirt, hiking it up slightly before she slide her right hand into the top of her boot.

"Woah, what in the bloody hell are you doing, Weasley?" Rebecca asked taking a step back, looking very confused.

Victoire rolled her eyes. What did the dumb girl think? She was going to try and seduce her? She withdrew her wand from within her boot and waved it toward the nosey gossip. "Petrificus totalus." Rebecca went rigid, then fell backward on the ground in the center of the common room like a domino. She slid her wand back into her boot and fixed her skirt. "Mind your own damn business," Victoire said as she stepped over the paralyzed girl and exited the commons.

It didn't take her long to get to a window that didn't show the depths of the Great Lake. She made her way over to it and pushed it open. Victoire checked the halls for any other students before climbing up onto the ledge and then letting herself fall. Once in the air like she had done so many times before, she shifted into animagus form. Black wings appeared where her arms once were and she cawed out happily as she flew toward the Shrieking Shack.

Victoire wasn't flying for long but a whole summer without magic made her itching to shift so that she could spread her wings. It was a free feeling, flying high above the world. Like she was untouchable. She could have stayed up there all night, but soon enough the shack came into view. Victoire flew down toward it and once she was a few feet above the ground, she shifted back into her natural form and landed gracefully on her feet.

She hesitated outside way longer than she should have, checking the protection and cloaking charms she put on the shack years past. And once she could not daly any further, Victoire stepped through the barrier. She was instantly hit with the overwhelming scent of moondew, sweat and alcohol. The thumping of the music sounded like it threatened to knock down the whole shack.

Victoire slowly climbed the steps up to the porch and with a deep sigh, she pushed open before she could turn back. Flashing lights colored everyone in shades of red, blue, yellow, then purple as countless sweaty bodies pressed against each other sharing in laughs, dancing or substances. Even with heels, Victoire's height worked against her. She couldn't scan the crowd for familiar faces. So, with a deep breath and her bravest smile, she started to weave her way through the crowd.