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located in Hogwarts, a part of We Solemnly Swear..., one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Scorpius Malfoy Character Portrait: Teddy Lupin Character Portrait: Sirius Orion Black Character Portrait: Alexander Langston
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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Sirius Orion Black traced the words over and over on a piece of parchment. Her looping handwriting made her feel safe, secure, stable. The noise from her fellow schoolmates made her skin itch.

Orion did not understand why her soul was so unsettled. She had spent a marvelous summer with her maternal family in the States. They’d gone to Disney World and Universal Studios. When she’d flown back to England, Harry Potter was there to welcome her home.

She’d spent the last three weeks of vacation at Number 12. She’d visited the Weasleys and given them the superhero merchandise that she’d gotten for them. She had also met up with Scorpius and Teddy. They’d had tea in the gardens of Malfoy Manor while Harry and Draco conversed quietly over glasses of wine.

While the boys listened to her adventures in America, she could feel that pebble in the pit of her stomach starting to grow. It presented itself at the most peaceful of moments, when the world faded out of perspective and all that existed were those she loved. Orion could never quite pinpoint the reason as to why this happened, she just knew that it did. She looked at Scorpius and Teddy, both playing nice to give her this one peaceful afternoon.

Lying on the grass, with her head resting against Teddy’s arm and Scorpius’ head on her lap, Orion asked the one thing she needed to know the most at the moment: “There will be a homecoming party, yes?”

Scorpius opened his eyes, a vicious grin on his lips.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Orion whispered the words under her breath, her mantra to keep the beating of her heart steady. Each stroke of the makeup brush, the tapping of a beauty blender, made her keep focus. Red lipstick when on last.

Appraising her reflection, Orion inhaled deeply. She was all tight clothes and sharp edged makeup. Her armor fit perfectly, it even felt perfect. She would be okay. Nothing would harm her tonight. She would be under Scorpius and Teddy’s protection. They would be nearby, if intoxicated. Giving her hair a final tease, she strapped her wand to her leg and left the dormitory. Before she closed the door behind her, she reached for the gift bag on her desk.

Orion sensed Alexander more than saw him when she entered the common room. His magic made the room feel different, simultaneously steady and loaded with bristling energy. She knew he would be in the common room. She could picture him already, back erect and book propped open by the glass window.

Alexander looked up from his book; he considered her momentarily before returning to his reading. Orion smiled, making her way to him. Every step she took brought her closer to that unstable source of magic. It was alluring and frightening. Gently, she placed the gift back in his line of vision.

“What’s this?” he asked.

"That," she said with a tilt of her head and a lithe bounce in her step, "is your outfit for the night." There were dark stars glowing in her eyes, and a bright red smile on her lips.

He looked at her expression, unable to match her enthusiasm but appreciative for it anyway. Reaching into the bag with his brow furrowed, he seemed confused when he pulled out fine dark linen. Orion had spent many hours looking for something that would suit Alexander’s physique. Seeing the dark fabric between his fingers assured her that she had made the right call. [/b]“I don't get it...why would I wear this to bed?"[/b]

A single, perfectly dark eyebrow rose. She placed her hands on her hips, her head tilting in the other direction. She seemed to debate with herself momentarily. Finally, she said, "You wear them to bed so that I can take them off later."

Without giving him time to consider her words too deeply, she broke into a joyful laugh. "Come on, Lex! Be my date tonight."

An eyebrow quirked at the suggestion, looking Orion over.

She liked it when he looked at her like that, like she was just out of reach but too close for comfort. Orion knew what Scorpius’ opinion of Alexander was, but she felt drawn to him in a way that she could not explain.

"Fine, since you've lured me in with the obligation of the gift of fine linen." He said, standing up.

"Besides, if I'm correct about my social standing and teenagers...when the ostensibly attractive girl asks you on a date," He said, holding the outfit against his frame to confirm it was the right size, "you say yes."

Orion's smile exploded into a grin. "I love it when you use big words, buttermilk. Now hurry up and change. Life won't wait for us."
Nonplussed, Alexander set his book down and proceeded to the dormitories. During her wait, Orion took his seat, flipping through the pages of his book. She laughed softly at his selection: Most Macabre Monstrosities. It was very Alexander. Pausing, she wondered if it was strange that that particular corner of the common room smelled like him. Like the earth and somewhat spicy.

Sensing his return, Orion looked up. He was fidgeting with his sleeves, making his hair fall across his forehead in a most unfavoring manner. He looked dark, dangerous, and stunning.
Orion's smile never faltered. She looped her arm around his, letting her fingers glide against the skin of his hand. Looking at him, she stood on her toes, only just managing to reach his hair. Soft flicks of her fingers styled it to a personal preference.This close to him, she could feel the way his magic and warmth radiated off him. She could tell from the focus in his eyes that he had considered his movements very carefully. There was that tattletale pinch around his eyes that Orion suspected he was unaware of.

"There. You look dangerously handsome."

He seemed to deeply consider her words, before nodding. "And you look attractive - but you already knew that."

"Yes," she replied, "but I love it when you say it."

Sneaking through the castle was a magical experience all on its own. They stuck close together, bodies pressed together under the soft caresses of the shadows. At one point, Alexander pulled her back, pinning her against the safety of a statue while a professor walked by. Orion’s heart beat in time with the professor’s footfalls, her dark eyes gazing up at the young man caging her in.

If she had to choose between the relief of drugs or Alexander’s arms, she would be unable to make a decision. They were both so intoxicating, so alluring. The drugs of the Shack, however, were much closer to her than Alexander would ever be. Orion held no delusions of ever having his undivided attention, much less his affection.

Alexander drew away, looking her over with little curiosity. Something akin to realization crawled across his eyes. Softly, he apologized for treating her so roughly. Orion gave his arm a pat, taking his hand in hers and making a quick dive through the secret passage that would lead them directly to the Shrieking Shack.

Every step brought them closer to the end of the tunnel. Each second carried them further away from their troubles. The small, uncomfortable pebbles that had lived in Orion’s stomach for the past few weeks had become heavy boulders.
Her skin itched with need. She wanted it, needed it, that blissful escape from her vicious feelings. Her body was her most frightening enemy, and the nights at the Shack dulled its sharp blades.

Having Alexander beside her made her feel better. So many people found his lack of empathy terrifying. Orion, on the other hand, sometimes envied it. If she could just shut up her feelings for a couple of minutes, for a few wonderful seconds.

The ground shook underneath their feet as they entered the scene. As social as she was, Orion hated crowds. The boulder in her stomach threatened to kill her.

Orion rested her head against Alexander’s arm; the weight on it made him look down. Her eyes seemed far away, the way they did when something was not quite right inside her. She held his arm tighter, pulling him closer, as if he were a lifeline and not the other way around. "Think of me," she said, "when you're happy in there."

Alexander smiled. His beautiful dimples appeared, smile only just reaching his eyes. But there was no light in them.

“That won’t be hard,” He said, almost flirting for a moment, “you’ll be standing right next to me.”

He guided her into the room, placing his hand on the small of her back as they walked. The room bounded with an energy all of its own. Walls swaying along with the shaking movement of the old building. Yet every student present only cared about two things: dancing and getting high.

Alexander smiled down at Orion again. What he saw nearly unsettled him, if not confused him altogether. Orion was not smiling back at him the way he had expected. Her red lips were lifeless on her beautiful face, and the grip of her hand on his arm tightened.

"Oh, Lex," she sighed. "We are nothing but liars, you and I."

And with that, she stepped away from his side, weaving her way to her cousin. She needed it, Moondew in high doses, Euphoria Elixir in small ones. Orion waited her turn, giving Teddy a small kiss on the cheek as she took her drug of choice.

She caught Alexander’s stumbling words, saw his hand take what he needed from Teddy’s bag. A swift exchange of money for drugs, drugs for money.

"Only what is enough," she said, pulling him into the dancing crowd. Her hands were so soft on him, so gentle and caressing that he didn't notice when she took the vials from him. She pocketed one, drank the other. Before he could do anything, Orion reached for the back of his neck and. pulled him into a deep kiss, Euphoria Elixir sliding into his mouth. Alexander kissed her back, and every hot glide of his tongue made her mind swirl. Whatever of the drug escapes their kiss trailed down their chins, making their skin and clothes sticky.

And then he was smiling, that smile lighting his eyes up like the stars in the night sky that Orion so much loved. He took Orion’s hand in his, dancing, dancing, and dancing.

The drugs made everything better. They took away all the horrible things, all the dark shadows, and nasty feelings. Orion followed his lead, letting her mind be fooled by the bliss of the elixir and the proximity that was Alexander Langston.

Thank you LindaRose for your words!