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Snippet #2768883

located in Cre' Est, a part of Assassin's Pledge: Awakening, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cre' Est



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Character Portrait: Kyero Character Portrait: Linde Xe' Almna Character Portrait: Lonán Arzura Character Portrait: Korriban "Aetrius" Borral Character Portrait: Josephine Dezantro Character Portrait: Kieran Borral
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Three nights later, the group pitched camp just off the main road. A campfire in the center, their tents surrounding it. Together they ate around the fire having partaken in the meats Aetrius and Kieran hunted for them, and for the most part they made pleasant small talk though Josephine was still in the process of warming up to them all. So she was still somewhat quiet compared to the rest. However, she did smile a little more frequently whenever something amusing came up in conversation.

Suddenly, Kyero's head came up and he turned it slightly Southward.

Linde caught the gesture and asked him what was wrong, and he lifted his chin in the direction he was looking before dropping it again. A "look that way" gesture.

Linde followed his head and saw a stranger approaching camp. He was very well dressed. A Noble, obviously. With him were three horses, each one carrying something different. On the back of the first horse in line was a sack of goods wrapped in cloth. The second had saddle bags filled with what could only be presumed to be a combination of gold and jewelry. And the third had... Something else draped over the saddle. The man himself was on foot at the moment, which seemed odd since most would not dare walk from one place to another.

Who was this man?

As Linde looked at Josephine, she observed a suppressed rage burning within the blonde woman's eyes. But rather than frown, Josephine was smiling. But the smile was full of contempt and hatred, like few Linde had ever seen before. Her eyes trailed to the individual as he approached camp and stepped into the fire light.

He was young. Probably no older than Kyero at around twenty three or twenty four years of age. He was quite handsome as well, sporting dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a lean, muscular physique for a Noble. At his hip was a broadsword, and at his back a small double-bladed axe. A dual wielder, perhaps?

"Ah, good evening! I didn't expect to run into any fellow travelers at this time of night! Ho ho ho ho!"

He looked around the faces of the campfire and his eyes fell to Josephine. And as they did, he grew a rather condescending and vicious smile though his tone of voice still radiated familiarity and friendliness.

"Lady Dezantro! What are the odds I'd run into you on the road like this?" He asked, extending to her a slight bow. Josephine stood and replied with a light curtsy.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Count Orral. What brings you down these roads?"

He tied his horses to a small tree branch nearby and approached Josephine, putting his hands on her shoulders and pulling her into an embrace. She returned it, but reluctantly, and with a hidden expression of disgust all the while.

"Business, my dear. Of course!" He replied as they separated from the embrace.

Josephine smiled and chuckled warmly.

"Is that so? I thought your business was limited to Triveila, Count."

"I have a permit for trips throughout the Mother Nation of Cre' Est. I'm returning from one such trip now. I intend to reach Triveila within the next eight or nine days, presuming weather is kind which it seems to be. A bit gusty a few days ago, but nothing too bad."


"May I ask what you are doing out here, my dear?"

"I myself am returning to Triveila alongside some new companions, as you see." She said, turning to the others and gesturing to them one by one. "This is Kieran, sister of Aetrius. Lonan Aurzura. And Linde Xe' Almna."

"Oh ho! The Angelic Knight of Cre' Est herself! I must say that your beauty truly is beyond compare for any Maiden in Cre' Est I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance, my Lady." He said, giving Linde a deep bow.

Linde stood up and bowed in return before taking her seat.

"The pleasure is mine, Count Orral."

"Please, dear Lady. Call me Clifton."

"Count Orral. May I ask what it is your horse in the back is carrying?"

"Oh that's just a sack of blankets and rugs I bought for my dear mother back home. She's been nagging at me to find her some from the Capital, so I finally made the time in my schedule to fulfill her request."

"My. How dutiful of you!"

Linde had to give Josephine credit... Her acting was superb. If Linde hadn't seen that momentary flash of contempt early on, she'd think Josephine actually liked this man.

"Well, unfortunately my dear I must continue on. I must return my wears and goods to Triveila for sales before I miss the Bazaar."

"Of course, Count. I won't keep you any longer. It was a pleasure seeing you again."

He walked forward and shared another embrace with Josephine, his hands resting on her lower back.

"The pleasure was mine, my dear. I'll see you back home!"

And with that he grabbed his horses and continued on down the road disappearing into the night. But until he was fully out of sight, Josephine remained standing and watching him with that warm smile hiding her contempt for the man they just met.