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Snippet #2768895

located in Cre' Est, a part of Assassin's Pledge: Awakening, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cre' Est



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Character Portrait: Kyero Character Portrait: Linde Xe' Almna Character Portrait: Lonán Arzura Character Portrait: Korriban "Aetrius" Borral Character Portrait: Josephine Dezantro Character Portrait: Kieran Borral
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Aetrius sat in silence as Linde asked if Josephine was alright, who was clearly upset but said she was fine nonetheless. Aetrius sighed as she remained sitting in her spot near her things, and looked at Kieran for possibly any idea on what to do. Kieran thought for a moment, of anything they could do to possibly help lighten to mood. The sisters both sat there in the completely dark wilderness, except for the light that came from the fire. The flames danced and flickered across the faces of those that sat around the fire, even Kyero's who's was mostly covered by his hood.

After a few moments of silence except for the crackling of fire, and the animals all around them, Aetrius looked back at Kieran who looked back at her in silence and nodded. Aetrius reached for her satchel behind her, and Kieran searched for something in the saddle bag next to Bree. After a few more moments, Aetrius retrieved her small, wooden, wind based instrument, the same she had used the first time she played music back in Ukron. And Kieran returned with a rather small harp, and sat down as Aetrius did, next to each other they looked at one another and nodded in silence. Kieran silently tuned her harp while Aetrius cleared her throat and took a few deep breaths.

Together they looked at each other one last time and nodded, and began to play a simple and common tune from Saharan, one that they were sure that even Lolan would recognize, as well as possibly the others. It was a catchy, upbeat, and happy song that could cause even the most unemotional type of person to smile, and possibly even dance. Which, as the song progressed as Aetrius and Kieran played, Aetrius stood up and danced along to the beat with a small smile on her face every now and then, hoping the small song would lift the other's spirits, or at least help ease the tension thy were all feelings, especially Josephine.