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located in The Threshold, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Threshold



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As the dislodged tooth arced through the twisting space of the room, Vragi made a dive and just caught the strange apparition. He proceeded to peer at the curiosity from different angles, tapping and shaking it questioningly. Perhaps he wasn’t entirely absorbed in his own world though, as he did at least glance at his fellow volunteers.

In fact, he did spin round when his full attention was won by Grimms’ accidentally revealing Skitters’ face, though a slight grave look passed over his own and he looked away, deciding not to pursue the subject.

Luckily for him, this threshold was by no means short of surprises as he was almost immediately greeted by their strange new guest. He rushed over to the phantom, the bubbling stew of questions within the dwarf’s head literally making his ears steam like a kettle. Unfortunately, any hope of interrogating the poor soul was cut short, so he shrugged and got back to examining the strange tooth. Well, assuming it hadn’t already either vanished or become some other oddity.