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Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Niko von Lunkhofen - FC: Aidan Turner - Hex Code = #BF0000

Los Angeles - 7:00 PM - Tinsely Villa

Niko, sat in silence as the table bubbled with chatter, and whispers. The voiced seemed to all say the same thing in different ways. "Oh he looks just like Werner." there mutters and gossip of his appearance made him clench his teeth. he never knew his grandfather only heard stories of the man. His accomplishments on the Vampire High Council. Typical high-class gossip, honestly he wanted to shove something up each of their ass, but no... he had to play nice. He was in a room filled with people who as of two weeks ago would have killed him on the spot, many of which have killed a number of his relatives. His eyes darted back observing the room, looking for faces he knew. In his head, he kept reciting their names and places of death. So much death and such little justice were given. In truth, he was only really given one thing of value to him at all, and that was his title and family lands restored to him.

"Oh look you must be Nikolai." a voice broke Niko from his train of thought. Looking up he noticed a rather pretty woman staring at him from across the table. "I don't suppose you know who I do you, but I know you, you're the groom." It was Groumond's wife, Nerissa or something.

"No, I know who you are Lady Tinsley."

The woman smiled, in a seductive grin. "Please call me Nerissa." she said twirling her hair around her finger.

He tried hard to ignore the woman, as some kind of recuse was going on above their heads. Her remarks merely implied that Celeste was not having it this evening. honestly, he couldn't blame her, he surely didn't want to be here sitting nicely like a good little boy in church. he cocked his head out looking to a servant, motioned for them to come and whispered to them. "There is a present in my car, for Lady Celeste, please make sure it is placed with her things for tomorrow." the servant nodded and parted. It was a small token for his blushing bride as Greg called her. A multitude of things he inherited from his grandmother when she left this world. The truth little to Niko's knowledge was that the smallish chest was his grandmother's hope chest and its contents of which included one wedding dress of the finest linen, jewels, and jewelry adorned with her own royal seal, and A Diamond Tiara with a red garnet encrusted in the middle. Niko had found the box, in a closet and felt he had no use for such things, but his bride would surely enjoy them. He did pull one thing out of it though, a small box that contained his grandmother's engagement ring, he felt like it was prudent that he give Celeste such a thing in person, even if their enganment was a little abnormal.

The table stood, as a servant introduced "His Lordship Groumond Demitri Urien Auberon Tinsley and Lady Celeste Lianne Tinsley." Niko stood with the table and his eyes widen. She was truly a sight, her blue gown perfectly fixated around her body. All in all, if he had too wed someone at least she was pleasant enough to look at.

"Oh poor thing must've been fighting the staff again." Nerissa tested.

"She's Beautiful." Niko spoke, his eyes never leaving her. He wasn't alone in his comment as a multitude of others seemed to agree, one even commented under his breath that she was far too good to be saddled with von Lunkhofen for a surname. normally he would have socked that man for speaking ill of him, but not today he was far too entranced at the moment.

"aww look at that Puppy Love." Nerissa teased, "Honey, she's gonna tear your heart out."