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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2768986

located in modern day earth, a part of Stolen Company, one of the many universes on RPG.

modern day earth



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As Aimee continued down the sidewalk, she found herself lost in the latest mixtape of mashups her roommate had introduced her to. Flowing from song to song, the lyrics seemed to take over her consciousness, and she quickly found herself near the park she typically passed through to reach her run down apartment complex. The park was a haven, and her favorite part of her walk home. Music blaring and lost in thought, Aimee nearly missed the young man standing under the street lamp. His wide lips were moving, clearly in the middle of speaking to her.

Aimee haphazardly removed one headphone, catching him in the middle of his sentence. His smile was intoxicating, and she found herself smiling back eagerly- despite being filled with terror. There was something off-putting about him, but she couldn't quite figure out what- outside of the obvious way he was standing out here in dark, with no buildings nearby that he could belong to. His grey eyes glistened brightly under the artificial lighting, and had she not been in such a sour mood, she would have found him quite handsome. She found herself yearning to look deeper into his eyes, despite the hair standing up on the back of her neck, and the sweat collecting at the small of her back.

He was asking in a rather strange manner if she should be walking alone at night. Shit... where even is my pepper spray.... I should have tested it before... At this point he asked if someone should be escorting her, and she laughed loudly, too loudly, in response.

"I'm a full-ass adult, and it's 2019. What universe are you from?" She said, hoping she sounded tough enough to not be messed with.

As a bit of a pushover, it was unlike Aimee to snub anyone, even a strange man on a street-corner at night. She looked him over, tilting her head slightly, as if she were investigating his motives. He speaks so strangely... Probably some harmless dweeb, I'm shocked he isn't rockin' a fedora. She was used to being considered the outcast, and had spent all four years of high school as the token oddball art kid, often the butt of everyone's jokes. She was often sensitive to similarly tormented souls.

"In all honesty, I should be fine! I'm just heading through the park and I'm home. Thank you though, that's very.... sweet ..... of you to ask." She didn't question why he cared, this was the city, people were often left to their own devices. Normally she would question more, but she was exhausted from class, and found it easy to ignore her paranoia-fueled instincts.

She crossed by him, heading towards the park, and the stench of sulfur hit her.

This was the last thing she remembered.