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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Los Angeles - 7:37 PM - Tinsely Villa


Celeste smiled coyly, My whole family lives for putting on a show, welcome to it, love. She leaned back over her plate, and looked at her father, who looked rather pleased with himself. Groumond was not one to brag, but he certainly wasn't below physically showing when he was proud of how his schemes effortlessly worked out. Groumond held up his drink to her, nonverbally saluting their marriage. She raised her's in response, and took a deep drink from her wine glass filles with o-neg. Celeste's gaze drifted around the table, bouncing between guests, and admiring the ornate decor scattered about the table. She licked her lips, clearing the last of the blood from her palette.

Her eyes locked with her favorite sister, Keira, and the young woman smiled brightly. Keira always understood Celeste, even when she was at her worst. Celeste always found a friend in Keira- unlike the rest of her sisters who were highly competitive. Keira was put into an arranged marriage 50 years prior, and was rather happy with her husband. As an older sister, Keira took the liberty of giving Celeste a plethora of advice about this arrangement. The majority of the advice revolved around Celeste's need to stop being such a "control freak."

Celeste brought her attention back to Niko, ready to break the silence again. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, she found herself deliciously nervous again. Her undead heart nearly stopped when he looked at her, and she felt a strange fuzzy feeling developing at the base of her neck. She shook this off in an attempt to gain control over herself, but it was futile. Originally, she wanted to hate this man. She still despised the concept of being sent off to a stranger like livestock, but now... she was intoxicated by his energy.

She flipped her hair off of her shoulders, and looked at him intently. "Tell me, Nikolai, how would you spend your days if you were mortal?" This was, of course, a loaded question. If he showed too much interest in the human world, he would be seen as inferior, but if he showed none at all he would be considered egoic and self-absorbed. There was a fine line between being refined, and righteous.

"Personally, outside of enjoying a day in the sun, I would love to visit one of those children's theme parks. They seem so.... is wholesome the right word?" She grinned, knowing how surreal it would be for a specimen like herself to be seen in Disneyland.

"Could you see me somewhere like that?" Another loaded question, he knew nothing about her outside of her looks. She was testing him, but on what she was unsure.