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located in Hogwarts, a part of We Solemnly Swear..., one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Sirius Orion Black Character Portrait: Piper Leilani Longbottom Character Portrait: Albus Severus Potter
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Albus could not help it, he had to laugh. It wasn’t a mean laugh, though. He placed his forehead against her shoulder, dipping his head to keep her from seeing the wide smile on his face.

Piper Longbottom had always been as incredibly amusing as she was pretty. The embodiment of a true Hufflepuff and her father’s daughter, Piper had made her way through the ranks at Hogwarts with a bounce in her step and a sass to her voice.

Albus had never thought much about Piper. She had always been a pretty girl in the background of his life; a family friend that he had grown up with and seen at holidays. Orion had eclipsed her, Albus realized. Had kept this diamond in the rough from catching his eye.

His grin widening, Albus’ tongue slid across the exposed skin of her neck.

Piper felt a sense of triumph as Albus’s head pressed against her shoulder. She was ready to make a cheeky remark but all thought flew from her brain as she felt his tongue slide across her neck. She made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a squeak before she felt her knees get weak. The sensation sent a thousand volts of lightning through her, and she melted into Albus. Her hand slid up his chest slowly, hesitant, and yet curious. She paused momentarily as she felt his heart beat under her palm, steady and strong, like him. She slid her delicate fingers up and through his hair, admiring the feel for a moment before she gave a lock a playful tug.

“You’re not playing fair….I like it.” She laughed breathily as she pressed closer to him.

Albus did not know where the sudden desire came from. Perhaps it was the way Piper seemed to be changing right before him. He worked at the flesh of her neck, his hand sliding onto her lower back.

Once, when they were children, Piper had arrived at the Potters’ house holding a big pot with a budding sunflower for his mum. She’d smelled of wet earth, sunlight, and wildflowers. She smelled like that now too, albeit slightly more refined and grown up.

Albus liked that. He liked that she did not smell like perfume, that she kept her natural scent. A slow growl escaped him as he bit down, sucking, licking. Holding her up.

Piper felt his teeth sink into her neck and she moaned low in her throat. What a goddamn delight! Her mind went fuzzy for a second and she was sincerely happy he was holding her up, because she was fairly certain she was no longer capable of standing. Her hands traced the lines of his back as she took a second indulge in the sensations. She felt giddy and …other unexplainable things.

With a surge of courage, she brought her hands to his jaw line, gently drawing his face up. She grinned up at him before she pressing her lips gently to his. She was hesitant and uncertain, but unafraid.

He did not think that Piper had it in her to kiss him. Her lips were soft; they tasted of apple honey lip balm. He licked the artificial flavor off until he could taste her. He liked her flavor. He liked it a lot more than he’d ever liked anything before.

Blood rushing, skin hot, Albus drew away from Piper. If she kept kissing him like that, he might do something she would later regret.

“This might be a bad idea for you, Longbottom.”

He didn’t say that it was a bad idea for him because he did not believe that. Piper seemed like a very, very good idea. A very good, delicious idea.

Albus stepped back, keeping his arms around her tender body. He couldn’t help himself as he looked her over, devouring her with those bright, emerald green eyes.

Piper fell victim to the kiss, she wanted to fall into it, make the feeling last forever. His mouth was hot, demanding, and she was more than willing to give. When he drew away from her, she pouted. His arms where still around her, and yet she missed the heat of his body.

“And why is that, Potter?” She asked in a teasing tone. She met his gaze and felt heat spread though her in waves. She wanted to pull him close again, to kiss him and feel him against her but she sensed his hesitation.

“Scared, Potter?” She said with a grin in her best Malfoy impersonation, trying to lighten the mood. Wouldn’t want to be seen with a Hufflepuff?” She liked Albus, she liked him more than she wanted to admit. It scared her how badly she yearned for him so suddenly…and yet she felt relaxed and safe with him. He made her feel like a different Piper, someone she had always wanted to be.

Albus could not help it, he laughed. He laughed and pulled her into a tight embrace. He threaded his fingers through her hair, debating whether he should continue or not. With a sigh, he took her by the hand and lead her through a door that nobody seemed to be paying attention to.

Years ago, Albus had made sure that there were rooms available for those that could not make it back to the castle--among other things. He had never used those rooms before. Orion had always kissed him in public and he had never liked that much despite how good it had felt.

Now, he opened the door to the room that had been his long before the parties had started. It was the room in which his father had discovered that he had Sirius. There was broken furniture all around, save for a couch that he had refurbished by hand.

Albus tugged Piper along. He sat on the soft cushions and pulled her onto his lap, hands hard and needy on her hips, mouth hungry for her kiss.

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