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located in Town of Sanctuary, a part of Of Blood and Pastries, one of the many universes on RPG.

Town of Sanctuary

A small, quaint town full of secrets.


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Cassandra pulled the black coat a little closer to her body. It was unusually cold this morning, even for it to be on the last remnants of autumn. It didn't bother her too much; she'd always enjoyed the cold weather. She glanced to her side, noting the tired look on Lucian's face as he trailed slowly beside her. She wasn't that much shorter than him—keeping up with his strides wasn't an issue—but the look on his face had her pursing her lips together. His hair, bright rose and usually well-kept, seemed a little disheveled. If he was going for the messy tail look, he didn't have it quite down. It suited his handsome features, though, she would give him that.

His eyes, usually a bright ruby color, seemed a little more on the dull side. “Luc," she called out, making her voice seem as quiet as possible as to not startle him. “Have you been getting enough sleep?" she asked, causing him to turn his attention towards her. He smiled, a bit rueful if she were being honest, and nodded his head.

“It's not sleep that I'm lacking," he began, a soft yawn escaping him as he moved his hand to cover his mouth. “I just have a few things I need to take care of, and time seems to get away from me," he responded, earning a scowl from Cassandra.

“That's the same thing as not getting enough sleep, Luc," she replied, but dropped the subject. She wasn't going to get any more information out of him—she ought to just drop the subject, now. He chuckled softly beside her, though, and yawned a bit more deeply this time. Cass resisted the urge to roll her eyes and settled for fumbling the keys in her pocket. She only lived a few blocks away, and walking to work seemed like the more plausible thing to do. Lucian lived in an apartment complex not too far from Nova, and always made it a point to walk with her. She didn't mind; it was nice walking with someone. It was also nice that he didn't feel the need to fill the silence with awkward conversation.

They spoke when they wanted to, and remained silent when it was appropriate. It took them a few more minutes before they reached the establishment of Café Nova, and Cassandra unlocked the front door, pushing it open so that she could enter. Lucian was right behind her, making his way towards the back where the employee lockers were located. It was still a little early, and they had about an hour to set up shop. Darcy and the others would be arriving soon as well, to help out with the preparations.

“Hey Luc, can you—"

“Already prepping the coffee and espresso machine. Also got the oven preheating for the pastries," he interjected before she could finish her sentence. She smiled and shook her head.

Rashid smiled, holding his hands behind his back as he trudged through the community of Sanctuary. It was a quaint town, small in a way that seemed almost boorish. And he did so enjoy the atmosphere. There were a few smells that were intriguing to him, however; a particular scent—two if he were being honest with himself—managed to catch his attention. A peculiar woman with hair as white as fresh snow, walked calmly beside a man who was, perhaps, a couple of inches taller than Rashid, himself. He had blush rose hair, tied loosely in a half-tail.

He'd have found it attractive if it weren't for the scents currently occupying his senses. “My, my..." he stated to himself. He'd left the other members of the coven to their own devices. They had their orders: find the alpha ghoul and the reason why so many of them were currently situated in this particular town. They could do that and have some fun, right? With that in mind, Rashid followed the two individuals. If he had to compare their scents, he would have to say they resembled roses and lilacs, respectively.

“How lovely." They'd entered a small bakery shop titled Café Nova, though the name itself was slightly strange. Did the owner intend for the shop to die in a beautiful explosion? He forgot how strangely sentimental humans could be. He's lived for nearly two millennia; his older sister lived for nearly three. He could see the shop was still closed, and instead, decided to perch himself in one of the alleyway corners. He could blend into the shadows from there and wait until the bakery opened in the next hour. A creature of habit, he supposed.