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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2769150

located in modern day earth, a part of Stolen Company, one of the many universes on RPG.

modern day earth



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A muddled cry prompted the demon to look up from his scrolls and artifacts, a grin forming upon his lips. She was awake at last! Itzal got up with a spring in his step, heading towards the second bedroom where he had left the human. Time to welcome her!

Giddy with excitement, the male had already let his wings out since arriving back initially, and stretched them out for good measure before drawing them close to his body so he could easily pass into the room. The door was unlocked with a click and he eagerly stepped through the doorway, closing and locking it behind him.

An initial feeling of disappointment came over him as he noted the blindfold had fallen down. And he had wanted to surprise her properly! Ah well, there was no helping it he supposed.

The young woman was still secure in her chair, placed just inside the entry of the sparsely finished room. Behind her chair was a bed with bedside table, and a simple set of drawers. Upon first glance, he could immediately tell she had panicked, face flushed as she had screamed and begun to cry. Poor thing! So distressed was she that her gag was now sopping wet! Of course, fear could be fun, but this was not quite what he had had in mind. Even so, he'd have to make do and improvise, seeing as his original plan would no longer work.

"Aw, your blindfold came off too early. Sorry about that, it was supposed to be a proper surprise and all!" he remarked with a look of dismay, sounding almost apologetic. Shaking his head, he smiled as he approached her, shaking the issue aside. "Ah well, you're here, and that's the important thing. Shame about the blindfold, but can't be helped." he shrugged, stepping so he stood directly in front of his human before bending down to be at eye level.

Pointed ears tilting slightly downwards, his expression changed yet again, eyes regarding her with what appeared to be concern. "Aww, don't cry my little bijou! It'll be alright. I'm not gonna eat ye, I swear! And I'll remove the gag if ye promise not to scream, ok?" he said lightly brushing away her tears with a finger. The touch, while invasive of her personal space, was done as delicately as possible, treating her as though she were glass. His ears then wiggled a bit, giving her what could only be described as a puppy-dog eyed expression. He hoped she'd agree not to scream any more.