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located in Lunalake Island, a part of Memoria Irae, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lunalake Island

A large island and major hub, Lunalake City is here, along with a few fishing towns situated around the river and lake. In the middle of the lake is a strange clock tower where the governor lives. No one knows why he lives there, he just... does.


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Abdown looked at his hand some more, still perplexed that this rain had only started around the time he had left the building. It wasn't in the forcecast, and the way it had come out of nowhere offered him no comfort. He began to think it over, taking a moment to observe each droplet of water, and found it to be only more peculiar. Around the city, or more specifically, around him the water had begun to form into a pattern of puddles of multicolored... goo. He looked back to the girl, raising his head a bit.

"Perhaps you are right," he said, raising his hand as the puddles began to bubble, and with a snap of his finger, a force overtook the two and moved them a few feet from their previous position. Where he had stood, the puddles had formed into fingers and closed in on each others into a fist where the two once stood. The ones putting out flyers dropped the papers onto the ground as they looked in shock, as did the few residents still about on the streets. Abdown adjusted his tie as he looked back at the hand as it melted back into an inert puddle. "You know, if you wanted an audience, you could have just sent an invitation," he said, likely to the assailant hoping that they could hear him, a casual tone to his voice despite the attempt just made upon his person.

There was a whoosh in the air above him, but again he snapped a finger, this time warping over near Raimondo. Where he had once stood, a round blue cage slammed down hard, embedding itself in the ground, cracking the concrete of the sidewalk, before it started to melt into goo shortly thereafter. The residents fled for shelter, yells of panic could be heard.

"You, sir, an attempt is being made upon my person from an unseen artistic assailant, would you be inclined to assist me with that arm of yours?" he said, still unusually calm but quicker with his speech. He already had a good idea on the who, but not much on the why, as for the what, that was clear, they were out to take him, and by the looks of it, alive. Puddles began to form around him again, now more massive, covering even more ground than before. Nine massive tentacle-like protrusions burst up from the puddles, and attempt to grab Abdown all at once.