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Town of Sanctuary

A small, quaint town full of secrets.


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"This is so boring." It was spoken in a sing-song voice that cannot be denied belong to a female. It even had a nice tone but it was followed by the sound of shattering glass upon the marble floor. "So, you wouldn't mind it if I continue to break everything here right?" The culprit was none other than the owner of that female voice who has a notable bored expression on her face. Her voice even indicated a semblance of ennui. "Are you really taking this whole ghoul mission thing seriously?"

There was no response at all which only served to irate. "Hey corn hair!" This was followed by a sound of something being thrown and then the familiar shattering of glass echoed. "I want to go out now! That black bean is already out and about and I am stuck here!" Clearly, she was not pleased. "With you." It ended with a hateful sigh and then replaced quickly with a Cheshire-like smile. "Unless you want me to eat you all up." That remark held a curious joy at the end partnered with a smile indicating her willingness to do so.

She was a bit hungry and the meal before her was not bad at all.

It was a man with golden blonde hair which seemed to sparkle on its own paired with those unique jeweled blue eyes. His skin was flawless and a physique that is fitting for a buffed model. His features were actually much to her taste and she knew better for a fact that he could easily make anyone fall head over heels for him. The only thing that is wrong with him is his personality which brings all of his aces to a zero. It is a good thing that it doesn't affect the taste though. "Silence means yes, my dear Athanasios Croix."

ImageThat seemed effective as Athanasios who was rather focused on writing down something while reading a bunch of paper finally raised his head and met her gaze. There was not a spark or a hint of emotion behind those jeweled blue eyes of his. It was like staring into the eyes of the dead. "That sounds fun." He said it in a monotonous manner. "Go ahead, Lady Selene le Valnosia." There was no change in his expression or rather, he looks more bored than she is.

Selene flopped on to the sofa she was sitting on as she now stared at the ceiling. "You are no fun at all." Athanasios did not remove his eyes on her as he observed the only female member of this coven. Her black hair that seemed to be darkness itself and her deep red eyes that never loses its life made quite a contrasting pair. Her skin smooth and white like that of a bisque doll. She also has an alluring body perfect for enticement. Among the women he had met, he will say that she is indeed one of the most beautiful. But, she is also proof of how the most beautiful things are very deadly.

"Let's go."

That makes Athanasios wonder why would the Council want such a dangerous creature like Selene alive and even have her be moving around. He was certain no one would miss her. But, it is not really a concern for him. He just needs to do his job and would be able to take a very long uninterrupted vacation. He was already imagining the long hours of sleep he will be having soon enough. It was making all the troublesome things an afterthought at this point. That was the seductive lure that made him accept the missions.

"Finally!" Selene quickly stood from her position and had an expression that resembles a child getting that favorite treat or toy. "Hurry up!" She ran towards the doors. Athanasios remained completely unbothered by her enthusiasm. He moved at his pace while remembering the need to buy more pillows. There was a lack in his bed and he needed more. That was the main and only reason he decided to leave the room. Anyway, he finally took notice of the broken glass scattered about the floor. "A snail is way faster than you. Hurry!" She finally opened the doors when he was just four paces from her and then headed to the stairs. He on the other hand was nonchalant as always while locking the door behind him.

Athanasios remembered that they would need to find proper accommodations. They were still staying at an inn but he was lazy to do that. It is best to leave that for the others. Once, he reached the stairs in which Selene was waiting below. "Forgot my wallet." Turning his back at her, she rolled her eyes while releasing a disgruntled sigh. She will never understand why he was chosen to watch over her. The Council really likes to mess around but that is the same for her. Well, he is a good emergency meal so it is tolerable.

Anyway, Athanasios and Selene were finally able to leave the inn. While they were walking, she then smelled something odd in the air which made her smile. "I want to go there." She looked at her companion and pointed at a certain direction. He looked at it and found a general store. So without another word, he continued on his way to buy some pillows completely ignoring the fact that she was not pointing at the store which happened to be there. "Hey! That is not the place!" Finally entering the general store, he immediately asked the store clerk present. "Pillows, a lot please." At this point, she released a frustrated sigh and was about to destroy the general store just to bury him inside when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hm?"

Selene looked at the owner of the hand to find out who has the guts to touch her without permission. And, she did find out.