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Ash listened intently as Horik replied, a small smile growing on his face as he noticed her demeanor and wording change. He wasn't sure what she was thinking, but he was glad to see she wasn't completely scared off. The Captain didn't relish doing this 'mission' with fewer people, and besides, she seemed like a good person. Honest at the very least.

Otis soon chimed in, and the two properly introduced each other. Now Ash's smile was really starting to grow. He, couldn't help it, this was all starting to feel really bloody heroic, and it thrilled him.

He looked over to the Voodoo man now. "So, Voodoo man, or er.... M'Kama was it?" Ash snapped his fingers a few times as he tried to remember before Otis gave a slight nod. "Right, M'kama then. What say you about this endeavor?"