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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Niko von Lunkhofen - FC: Aidan Turner - Hex Code = #BF0000

Los Angeles - 7:55 PM - Tinsely Villa

Niko felt a sudden rush of excitement at the prospect of sharing some of the literature he's collected over the many decades of self-isolation. The idea that she had interest at all in some of the things that brought him joy was enough for him to think there might be a sliver of happiness in this marriage after all. That is to say before her melodrama, he could empathize with Celeste she was still so young and he was so much her senior it was probably an unsightly thought. But Niko still thought of himself as some old man cradle robbing a young and vibrant soul, he forgets that to the normal population Niko and Celeste would look about the same age.

His eyes glared up at the table, that spoke volumes go back to your meal. many obliged him, a few curious souls remained. Without taking note, he looked to Garamond and whispered. "and you treat your own flesh and blood this way, do you see now why your beliefs are dangerous?"

Garamond passed it off and whispered back, "She knows her place, Nikolai that is the difference between myself and your late father. My children know their place in this world is to serve and honor the family above all."

" at what cost though?" Niko muttered under his breath but he could tell Garamond heard him.

Garamond frowned, "It hardly concerns you, Nikolai. Remember the alternative if you and Celeste do not wed is still on the table until after the wedding."

Niko winced, turning his attention back to his meal he remembered the deal he made with the old man all too well. He had two choices marry Celeste and live a long immortal life with her or be executed as a traitor and rebel of the vampire cause. Although Niko didn't fear death, he disliked giving Garamond the pleasure of killing the last of the von Lunkhofens'.

Taking a handkerchief from his pocket he gently handed it to Celeste and whispered to her, "We are both prisoners in this arrangement, be it different ways. But I hope you will find some hope and happiness with me, Celeste. After all even the caged bird sings."