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located in Town of Sanctuary, a part of Of Blood and Pastries, one of the many universes on RPG.

Town of Sanctuary

A small, quaint town full of secrets.


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Darcy pulled into the small parking lot behind Cafe Nova, grabbing her coat and backpack from the passengers seat. Walking up to the back door, she gave it a small tug. Still locked. She pulled her coat tighter and started to walk around the building. These mornings weren’t the easiest for her. The cold, sure, that was fine, but it was the mist in the mountains up here that really sunk into your bones. She rounded the corner and-

She turned on her heel, peering out across the dim street. The sun hadn’t risen over the mountains yet, and a lacy mist was still settled over the town. No one was there. Of course no one was there. It was an hour before even the bakery opened, and the streets were dark and cold. No one would be out walking in this part of town. A car passed by, its headlights bathing the street in a yellow glow, making the mist seem even thicker. She still didn’t see anyone. Something just felt... off? She shrugged and shivered, but whether it was from the cold or something else, she didn’t know.

She turned again and flung the door to the cafe open, sighing in the warmth.
”Helloooo Lucian, g’mornin boss!” She called out, waving to Lucian and Cassandra. She strode to the back and set her things down, not bothering to put them in a locker, and slipped on the rough, canvas, black and yellow striped apron she wore during work hours and grabbed a broom to sweep the front. She stopped in the kitchen and smiled at the two. They were, without a doubt, beautiful. They looked a little more like they belonged on a runway than a cafe. Well. Cassandra did.
”Lucian, um... You doin okay, man?” she said, frowning. He didn’t look bad, per se, just... duller than normal.”Need me to take care of anything over here?”