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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Los Angeles - 8:00 PM - Tinsely Villa


Celeste entirely missed what was said between Niko and her father, but she didn't care. She was unbelievably moved by his gesture. What a gentle man.... She thought, as she wiped at her eyes with his handkerchief. She was thankful that dinner was nearly over, Celeste had grown quite anxious to steal a moment alone with Nikolai. She looked around the table once again, and was pleased to see that most everyone was minding their own business and enjoying their desserts and wine. Delicate chocolates were plated before her, but she found she fancied something else. Sticking to blood for the evening, Celeste took another large sip from her blood-infused wine.

"Thank you, you're very generous." Celeste handed him back his handkerchief, but not before taking a quick moment after wiping her tears to deeply inhale his scent from the cloth. Cologne, old paper, and something else.... She envisioned clouds of browns and reds, all clashing together. Once again, he made her wish to paint. The young woman had always been sensitive to scents. It was no specialty of hers by any means, but she found herself intoxicated once again my Nikolai. Usually she could get a knack for someone's intents or their general emotions from a quick whiff, but here she was completely lost outside of a deeper yearning to understand this man further.

"Delicious." She accidentally said aloud, yet she played it off as if she intended to say this single daring word. "I think it's time for us to take a walk, wouldn't you agree?" She said this quietly, knowing her father would want them to stay for the entirety of the meal. "Meet me in the foyer."

She stood slowly, excusing herself with an exclamation of wanting to freshen up. Celeste smiled brightly at every face staring at her. Give them the show they ask for.... She flipped her hair, and strutted confidently out of the room, letting her hips rock back and forth, accentuating every curve. Her blue gown was perfect for the evening, and she was thankful that she had put in the extra effort.

Celeste made her way to the foyer, and sat down on the bench, waiting not so patiently for her husband-to-be. She placed her hands together in her lap and tried to relax, but her undead heart seemed to be pounding visibly. Her chest seemed to be quivering, and she begged her body to calm down.